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Published on March 18th, 2013 | by John I.


5 Popular Fitness Apps to keep you in Shape

You have to agree that technology is pretty amazing. It is quite possible that the only thing that a person cannot do with their phone is cook food and there could be some developers out there working on this. Jokes aside, it seems like there are millions of phone applications that definitely make life easier. There are some that can be used to lead a healthier lifestyle which generally improves value of life. You can download apps and search online for the best weight loss diets, as well as fitness apps. Below you will find 5 popular fitness apps to keep you in shape that you can use. This website and these apps will help you tighten your abs even more while you workout.

Lose It

This is an app that can be used as a digital diary for calories eaten and burnt. It helps the users to create a diet plan and helps them stick to it. It allows a person to record their weight, sex, and height and the goal weight, while they train with different equipment as a balance disc that can be purchase online. The app sets up a budget that will be used on a daily basis to reach the desired goal at the rate of the user. When you eat and exercise, you let the app know and it monitors progress to assist you stay on the right track. This is available in Apple devices and will soon be available on Android. Make sure you train responsibly, if you ever get injured make sure you take the right precautions to properly heal. Back pain is a common factor when working out, but if yours won’t go away it could be a more serious injury

Cardio Trainer

This is one of the most popular fitness apps that are available in the Android market. It is easy to set up and is available free of charge. All the user need to do is key in relevant information such as height and weight and you can start the workouts so that it can figure out the calories that will be burnt. The app can be used when you are waking, running, biking, roller-blading and numerous other activities. It features a built in music player allowing users to access their favourite tunes as they work out. The app also comes with guides for men who are interested in burning fat while maintaining muscle. These guides from Skinny Yoked help expand the app’s targeted audience to not only people who are looking to loose weight but also bodybuilders and weight lifters.


This is an app that makes use of a GPS monitor which is built in to monitor the user’s fitness activities. It allows a person to record their workout information including pace, distance, duration, elevation, speed, and route travelled and calories burnt on an interactive map. This also makes it easy to share workout details with friends and family in case you want to let them know about the progress made.

Daily Burn

This is a great app especially for the individuals who are just starting out. This helps the users to manage exercise routines, fitness and diet. One of the features that really stand out when it comes to this app is the fact that it can come up with a training plan that comes with detailed instructions on how to perform the task properly. These plans can be tailored to suite personal workout programs such as cardio training, weight loss and muscle building goals among many others.


This is a great app if you are looking for something that will help you shop for healthier options, it even gives you the best recommendation on the best psoriasis cream to help your skin. This helps the users to translate the food labels to know whether the products in the market are nutritious or not. It is also easy to use as all you have to do is scan the bar code and you get all the details to make a healthy option when buying food.

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