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Published on January 19th, 2013 | by John I.


9 Free Apps To Make Free Calls On Android devices

The Android market is full of applications thanks to creative and industrious developers who never seem to tire from producing new apps. Communication is a crucial element in our lives but the charges we are forced to pay the carriers are quite unbelievable. Thanks to the arrival of free applications; making free local and international calls for free using these free apps is now easier and better. The sad part is that service carriers may be reducing the allocated unlimited data bundle sizes but you can still benefit from free WiFi hotspots which are almost everywhere today. Below are some of the best free apps to make free calls.


From making calls to having video call chats, this app is just spectacular. It comes with AOL and Google Talk Services and also connects with all your phone book contacts making it easier and faster for you to call anyone on your phone book  The only catch is that you and the party you call must have Fring installed in your phones. The good thing is that it is not only limited to Android, you can also call friends with iOs, Nokia and mobile browser. The video call feature is quite unstable it offers you the opportunity to call up to four people through any data connection. Additionally, by purchasing some credits you can use this app to call land-line phones both locally and abroad.


When it comes to free calls and messages, Nimbuzz is the goose that lays your golden eggs. By connecting all your friends from MySpace, ICQ and Facebook you can send texts, videos, photos, music as well as call them for free. It is compatible with nearly every internet enabled phone and they also have a desktop version which means you can call your friends from the comfort of your Mac or Laptop. It also supports web chat making it possible for you to connect online with people using your computer. Its only shortcoming is the poor video call quality but for something that is free, it is a gem.


If you are a video spotlight enthusiast, this is the app you need. With this app, you can make free calls; drop in on your friends’ video feeds and also perform live video broadcasts. Using Qik, you can share videos to services like You Tube, Facebook among others. To benefit from all these features, the sender and the receiver must have this app installed in their phones. It supports Android, iOS and other mobile phone platforms. For better video calls with this app, it is recommended that you use the front camera.


It started out as a free calling application over the computer but the developers could not resist coming up with a mobile phone app. After adding contacts from your phone book, you can call as well as IMs your friends as long as they have Skype in their phones. It also supports free video calls but this service is limited to specific android phones. Another demerit of this app is that the price of credits for calling regular phones is quite high compared to what Fring offer.


If you are in need of an app that offers top quality video calls, Tango is your best bet. The video quality is so good that TV commercials had to feature it a couple of times. It is also not limited to any data call connection. To enjoy its top notch benefits, both the receiver and the sender have to Tango.

Tru App

Previously known as Truphone, this app distinguishes itself from the rest by offering its own SIM card. When you acquire their SIM card, finding hotspots or being concerned about high roaming fees will be a thing of the past. Even with the new SIM card, you do not have to lose your original number and with this app in place you can call Tru users as well as those on Sype and Gtalk.


This is one of the most sophisticated free call apps you can find. For starters, it is so simplified in that the need to create usernames and email verification has been abolished. All you need is your phone number and you are good to go. This app permits free SMS, calls and email. Another thing that sets it apart from its competitors is the call quality. It is so clear you will be forgiven for thinking you are using a regular line. In short, you may want other apps, but you need this app in your Android phone.

Yahoo Messenger

Other parts of the world may not fancy Yahoo, but not Asia. It is the most favored IM avenue in this continent. With Yahoo, you have the power to chat with friends in Facebook, send international SMS among others. The sad part is that for you to enjoy the free calls, you have to install a plugin to initiate the calls.


You think you have had the best of video calling until you use this app. Like other apps it is free but unlike those apps, it offers you 6-way video calling over 3G or 4G (for 4G you are bound to pay). The only issue is that it supports quite a few mobile phone platforms but the developers are working on improving that.

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