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Published on June 21st, 2012 | by John I.

Developers reduce the desirability for Android Apps

According to a recent research made by Appcelerator, a company responsible for the development of cross-platform tools for creating applications has lately shown noticeable developers detachment from Android. The reason, of course, is the fragmentation of the operating system.

In particular, developers seem to be frustrated by the wide dispersion of the active versions of the operating system. There are currently many popular versions of Android, which complicates the task of programming. In addition, most manufacturers are developing their own user interface, which can also adversely affect third party applications, at least in part aesthetic. Finally, many developers appear dissatisfied with payment systems, and the different type methods used there, since a central model of absolute power does not exist, compared to an ecosystem like the one of Apple.

All these issues have been slowly growing over the past months without any improvements and have resulted in reduced interest of application development for Android. The suggested solution that is already adopted by many developers are hybrid applications that include some native elements, but reach the end user through an HTML5 code – Google Maps could be used as the perfect example for this, bypassing the problem of the different versions of the Android operating system. It will be interesting to see whether in practice this could be a solution adopted by many developers.

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