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Published on August 27th, 2012 | by John I.

Facebook app to keep children safe – The Social Privacy Protector (SPP) App

It is a known fact that social networking sites are not the safest place for children to socialize. With cyber crime on the increase, parents are more concerned about their teens and under aged children browsing the internet when they are not around. What has caused more concern for parents lately is that Facebook has decided to open its doors to children who are below 12 years of age.  Regarding the issue of children being safe from cyber bullies and trolls, The Social Privacy Protector (SPP) App is the recent development to counter such issues. Make sure you help catch these criminals by installing the proper software that tracks these people if they ever try getting into your information. These crimes are very serious so they are going to need the best criminal lawyer they can find.

This new app offers several levels of encryption. The primary feature of the SPP app is to scan through a member’s friends list for shared links and for other members with fake profiles. This app has the capacity to analyze the profile of each friend available on the list and does a cross check with the persons own Facebook account to conform if the person is legit. Based on the score provided by the app, the people listed with the least score are considered to be suspicious. The user will then be asked a question by the app, if the people with the least score should be restricted from viewing the user’s personal information.

If you decide to restrict a select list of people with the least score, you could choose these names and block access to your information manually. This app does not de-friend, block or restrict access to intruders automatically. This app was designed keeping parents in mind, this app is so user friendly that all you have to do is select the app and the scanning process begins at a single click.

For parents who are concerned about their children’s safety and privacy, will find this app very easy to use rather than following the long process of selecting options in the privacy settings.  One of the spokesperson from a reputed university, “quoted” the idea behind the app is to not, reduce the number of friends you could have rather it is to limit, the number of friends in your list, who are using their real profiles. This app works on a scientifically proved algorithm which narrows down people with fake profiles.

 The SPP app not only protects users from people with the wrong intentions, this app sends notification to the account holder about other unwanted applications available in their account that might cause problems to the person’s privacy. The free software is also available as an add-on for Firefox. This app is absolutely free for everybody to download. The Social Privacy Protector is doing the rounds on a trial and error basis, and it is a bit too early to give the verdict on how this app will fare against cyber crime.

The Social Privacy Protector is the first of its kind app in use and comes highly recommended by parents who are already using it to monitor their children’s Facebook accounts. There are other such apps doing the rounds in the market of late, but the SSP app is tried and hence tested reliable.

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