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Published on March 7th, 2013 | by John I.


Guest Post: Software Verification Services keeping your data secure

For business leaders and IT departments tasked with a multitude of business data demands, ensuring that software verification services are in place is becoming increasingly important.

Software verification services are part of a range of software services that are vitally important business processes that must be followed to ensure all business operations are fully functional. It can safeguard your business interests and protect your intellectual property.

Companies such as Escrow Associates put emphasis on gathering as much information and material required to use and/or operate any of the items placed with escrow.

Escrow Associates works to help their customers utilize every item escrowed by offering four different types of software verification testing services which consist of:

  • Integrity testing
  • Full verification
  • Build assured verification
  • User assured verification

Depending on what type of industry you work in you may choose the software verifications services that offer you the best chance to successfully operate your escrowed items at full capacity.

IT Risk Management

Because of the sensitive nature of items that may be escrowed escrow associates utilizes IT risk management. It’s important to be able to offer software developers and other technical professions the peace of mind that all of their intellectual property rights are protected against any type of threat.

Secure Due Diligence

One of the more nerve racking things to occur when seeking to finalize a successful merger or acquisition deal is having to release as an organization every last detail that is in existence regarding your company.

This is can risky because if competitors are merging, competitor secrets now become available, despite legal protection should secrets no longer stay a secret. Escrow Associates offer its clients a solution to those seeking a safe place to protect these details, called M&A Escrow service.

This allows companies a safe and secure escrow environment when deciding to review field service apps, documents, designs or any type of intellectual property that may be vulnerable to theft from and outside source.

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