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Published on November 13th, 2013 | by John I.


Recommended Apps for the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch, essentially the iPhone without the phone, is a remarkable device offering users much of the same freedom, creativity and productivity. Many will love to wind down the hours by stacking up all their favourite tunes but for those seeking just a little extra, the apps available for the device, particularly those related to photography and music, are really great.

Band Of The Day is a cute little app that allows users to discover the newest trends in music, the next big thing. Each day, the app updates and offers a full, comprehensive look at a different artist including songs, biographies and a number of other features, perfect for any music-lover. is another great music app that acts as a type of social media outlet, exploring your preferences and sharing playlists with you composed by friends and your favourite artists, giving you a brand new way to explore the music you love. Also, don’t forget about y2mate, which can help you download music directly from YouTube.

Away from music, there are plenty of other great apps available, covering a wide range of bases. The beauty of the device is that it is a mobile gadget for music and videos and with apps like Skype, which lets you communicate with friends and family via a live video feed, the iPod Touch is really a must-have device. Another great video app is Zeebox which lets you interact with your favorite TV shows, allowing you to follow them and share your favorites with all your friends.

For photography, the only app that you’ll really ever need to own is Instagram, the worldwide phenomenon that has become the latest in social media circles. With its creative camera filters, super effects and ability to share with followers, it’s great for adding a little extra gloss to the iPod and sharing your view of the world as well as exploring it through others’ photos.

Pocketbooth is another great photo app and it does what it says on the can, effectively fitting a photo booth into your pocket. There’s plenty of customization for the users to engage in and features a great social media outlet allowing users to share their creations with their friends.

With new apps being created every day, you can see many technological websites update features each week on the best new apps to download and there’s no limit to what you can now install on your iPod.

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