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Published on September 27th, 2013 | by John I.


Three areas software can help you be professional

The way that computers play a part in our everyday lives is something that maybe would have seemed like science fiction 50 years ago. When computing power really started to enter the mainstream it was mainly amongst skilled professions that could afford the hefty price tags and make the most of what was on offer.

The worlds of technical design, desktop publishing and other disciplines that required a large capacity for data crunching were first to benefit.

Today, of course, many of us walk around with a smartphone in our pocket that has more computing power than all of those early generations of desktop models. There is also a wealth of easy to use software such as the SalonTouch Studio Software that can help us do complicated tasks to a high standard that would have only previously been available to the professionals.


If you wanted to work with sound it used to mean hiring expensive equipment or using a professional recording studio or production suite. Today, a whole raft of software exists that means you can achieve top quality output at very little expensive in the comfort of your home or indeed wherever you might be.

Applications such as Garageband for Apple products allow recording and manipulation of sounds to a standard that is equally to the music you will find in any chart around the world. In fact, it’s a good bet that much of the ‘top thirty’ will have been recorded and made using very similar approaches.


Photoshop is now almost as famous as a description of an altered image as it is for being the program that was first widely used to achieve the effects. Originally a high end tool for professionals, the application and other like it have been available for everyone for a long time.

Similarly CAD or computer-aided design software has long been used by designers working in a wide range of fields and industries. 2D CAD drawings can be helpful in creating floorplans, blueprints, schematics and general design ideas whilst 3D CAD can be used to create solid design models which can be rotated and viewed from any angle.

Solidworks product design software is a perfect example of an application that can help you achieve professional level results.


Now that even pocket cameras and smartphones are capable of recording true high definition video, editing suites that allow you to take your footage and create professional standard results are essential.

Fortunately there are many levels of apps and programmes available that feature everything from basic editing tools right up to extensive selections of the most up to date tricks and effects.

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