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Apps Safeguarding Your Business iPad

Published on August 10th, 2012 | by John I.

Top 5 Business Apps You Must Have

Apps today are becoming more widespread and powerful. Almost all devices use apps for a variety of functions. The business world is not left behind either. Most small-scale and large-scale businesses are relying on these tools to expand and operate more smoothly.
Businesses can use apps for a variety of functions. They can be able to manage finances as well as existing client relationships. Apps also come in handy in business marketing .They are very advantageous because they don’t require a lot of money and time to be set up.¬†There are many types of apps in the market. Below are some of the top apps that a business can adopt for its operations:


This is a type of lending service that brings the individual lenders and small business borrowers together. When using this app, every loan must create a profile. They then describe how the loans will be used as well as the interest rates that they are willing or able to pay.
Individual lenders then indicate the amount they are offering, the interests they are offering, and the individuals they are willing to give the loans to .One can thus can get a loan from several sources or one person.
Prosper may also manage an individual’s transactions .This may assist one who has a group of family, friends or investors .Irrespective of the source of the loan , Prosper usually takes a small part for managing each of the loans .


This app enables one to keep track of the finances of a business as well as an individual’s personal finances. NetworthIQ can also be used as a fun tool where one compares their income with that of other entrepreneurs in the same industry or age.


This app enables one to keep records of expenses or purchases that one makes. They also categorize them thus making it relatively easy for one to access them.
Dimewise can also be used to show the budgets of the past months. It allows one to set up one or many accounts for tracking balances. This enables easy predicting of the total expenses of future months. This can be done from anywhere as long as one has a web browser.


This is an app that is specifically designed for an entrepreneur that is based on the use of the web. FreshBooks allows the billing of customers by use of email as well as receiving of payment from customers via and PayPal.
There are a wide arrange of options for invoicing. Business owners thus have enough to choose from. Freshbooks has an element of adaptability since it can work with any billing system that is being used by a business.


This app is very convenient for carrying out financial equations that are long. Instacalc avails a wide range of options for charting which are used to display figures. Most business transactions deal with the use of figures and thus business owners or financial managers can find this app very useful.

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