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Published on February 18th, 2014 | by John I.


Top App Game Developers

Despite the fact that many wind up achieving incredible popularity – think Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, etc. – mobile gaming apps tend to get stale after a while. The fact is, many of the most popular gaming apps thrive on repetition, and pull players in through addictive qualities (such as social elements, the ability to constantly top your previous score, etc.) rather than actual gaming quality!

Because of this, it can be hard to sift through the app stores to really find games you can enjoy for their sheer quality, rather than just because you get hooked on a gimmick! So to help you find a few games worth keeping on your phone or tablet, here are five app game developers to keep an eye on.


If you haven’t heard of Vlambeer, you’ve probably heard of the indie gaming company’s signature app game: Ridiculous Fishing has become one of the coolest gaming apps of all time. Despite a ridiculously simple concept (your job is to hook as many fish as you can with a rod and line, and then shoot them out of the sky with an arsenal of high-powered weapons), the game is unique in almost every way, from its blocky artwork to its oddly satisfying arcade controls. Vlambeer is a company to watch.

Fireproof Games

Fireproof Games are primarily known for two games: The Room, and now The Room Two. These games fall somewhere between the genres of horror, mystery, and puzzle gaming, and follow a strange, twisted narrative through various puzzles and mental obstacles. Another game celebrated for its artistic beauty, The Room (and its very similar, but also improved sequel) is unlike anything else you’ll find in an app store.

Betfair Casino

The Betfair’s live casino offers just about any sort of gaming a casino enthusiast could ask for, from standard arcade slots all the way to card games with live video dealers. And now the same live casino platform offers mobile apps on Android and iOS devices, providing the excitement of various casino games for those who’d like to make bets on the go. The apps set themselves apart from other casino options in their handling of real money, and in the professional quality of the games.

Semi Secret Software

Semi Secret Software, despite consisting of only four developers, has released a number of fun games that thrive on simplicity. The most recognizable game is probably Canabalt, with was essentially a scrolling runner game, but like other development companies on this list, Semi Secret Software keeps the game unique in a crowded genre by providing a generally pleasing atmosphere and easy, responsive controls.


Simogo is a major up and coming indie developer based in Sweden. The company’s most recent triumph is Device 6, though its most well known game is probably Year Walk, Somewhat like the Fireproof games mentioned previously, Simogo thrives on atmosphere and the blending of narrative mysteries with puzzle gameplay. In this regard, Year Walk and Device 6 are somewhat similar, though in appearance and actual substance, they’re vastly different.

Again, it can be tough to find worthwhile gaming experiences in increasingly crowded app markets. But these developers are producing some of the highest quality entertainment out there, so keep your eye out for more offerings from them!

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