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Published on August 7th, 2012 | by John I.

Top iPad apps for Photographers

Many wish to be caught in the magic of a moment forever! The ecstasy of parents watching their son graduating, a child’s tottery first steps, a peacock spreading his wings, a majestic white tiger, the panorama of snow-capped mountains, the incredible power of lightening, the opening ceremony of Olympics and other stunning moments. The emotions combined with the surreal aura makes such events delightful and enchanting. Capturing such moments on camera make them the most priceless thing to own.

Now you can view your pictures or transform them on the go! With an iPad and compatible apps, you can comfortably view and tweak the pictures you take anywhere and anytime! I have listed some of the handiest apps for photographers to have in this article.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

Have fun making interesting edits to your photo with Adobe Photoshop Express. This is probably one of the best apps for photography. With the brush of your finger, you can crop, rotate or tweak the color of the picture. You can undo and redo the changes you have made until the picture has been edited to your satisfaction. There are artistic filters like Soft Focus, Sketch, etc. available in this app. You can directly post the pictures on the social networking websites from your iPad.


CameraBag is a substitute for a dozen unique cameras! With this app you can improve the pictures using the myriad film and camera stimulations. The app emulates the styles and processes that were available in some of the yester-year cameras to improve the image. The results you get once you make changes to your photograph are stunning. This app is compatible with both Mac and PC.


If you are looking for an exclusive image editor app for you iPad, Photogene is one of the best available apps. The app is easy to operate with simple commands to rotate, adjust, crop or change the exposure, saturation, shadows, etc.  You can import raw format photographs to this app. Export the pictures directly to Flick, Facebook, Twitter or Dropbox.


If you are tired of syncing pictures across multiple devices using unreliable cable and Bluetooth connections, this is a perfect app to have on your iPad. Transferring photos wirelessly gets very easy and there are no limitations attached to the number of photos you transfer at a time. The app keeps a record on the photos you synced so that you don’t accidentally make duplicate transfers.

Color Splash:

An artistic technique to attract the attention to a single color or object is made easy with the Color Splash. Choose a picture from your library and the app converts the picture to black and white automatically. You can use your finger as a brush to paint color on parts of the photograph. You can choose different brush sizes and undo mistakes or tap the ‘Grey’ option to convert the parts you painted to black and white.

Breathe a new life to your photos and share your world in a beautiful way with some of these apps on your iPad. Hope the list has been useful.

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