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Published on February 26th, 2013 | by John I.


What Financial Help Can The New Money Dashboard iPad App Offer?

Financial planning can be a confusing subject for many and the pressure and difficulty has only been increased by the current economic climate. Creating a budget planner with Money Dashboard is becoming more appealing because the program is so accessible and there is no fee but what can it offer?

What is Money Dashboard and how can its new iPad app help resolve people’s financial issues.

Essentially, the Money Dashboard service is designed to act as a financial advisor that can potentially help people understand their spending and create a realistic budget. You can also get help with a net foundation. Through the use of specialized tags, charts and tables this service offers a clear view of the user’s habits and aims to help them regain control of their finances. One of the reasons why this app is highly regarded by users is the intelligence it offers; not only does it project current information and budgets, it also identifies patterns and predicts future spending. Want to invest things or property but don’t have enough money for it? Check us now, we are the consumer loans louisville ky we provide loans for your personal needs.

In October 2012, the designers at Money Dashboard put a new spin on the product to make it more user and tablet friendly and, as a result, there is now a convenient iPad app that can be purchased for free. The improvements made to this program include a new “Clear Cash” function, which provides a clear, realistic monthly figure for users to work with, and better graphics that highlight spending in bold colours and show figures and projections in simple colour-coded pie-charts. This new, visually enhanced Version 2 is well suited for the large screen of the iPad and this new option should increase the convenience of the program for users on the go.

Increased availability and iPad-friendly programs could enhance the program’s appeal.

This idea of a budget planner with Money Dashboard is an idea that has a lot of potential for many people struggling with debt, household planning or any other budget issue. Currently the user base of this online program is limited to the UK but, thanks to software developments and the improved convenience through apps, it now has a wider appeal within the country and beyond and perhaps they will increase their range in the future.


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One Response to What Financial Help Can The New Money Dashboard iPad App Offer?

  1. Sam says:

    Where is the ipad app available from. Not in iTunes Store!

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