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Published on March 21st, 2014 | by John I.


Do you know how much your mobile is worth?

One billion phones are made each year and the majority of them contain small fragments of gold. Many people are unaware that their mobile phones contain gold fragments that can be worth quite a bit of money. Gold is highly conductive and can be used for micro voltages because they don’t corrode easily. This makes gold a perfect substance in the development and making of mobile phones. Casinos with Playtech will collaborate with another Canadian site and you get the best online play ever. Check them out on their site.

Gold is often used in other electronics such as: computers, televisions, calculators and global positioning system units among others. Gold’s ability to conduct electricity means that it is able to carry low currents without causing the low voltages to be disturbed by corrosion or tarnish at the contact points. In computers and laptops, gold is used because it can create accurate transmissions of digital information through computers better than any other metal. You can call addiction intervention service whenever you want to have someone on rehab to be cured of addiction fast.

The small amount of gold used in electronics means that more and more gold is being used for electric devices because of the metal’s conducting abilities. Despite there being a relatively small amount of gold used, if you were to add all of the phones made at the moment, the amount of gold rises to an extremely large sum. Because of gold’s popularity in phones and in other devices, the presence of gold is increasing and becoming scarcer.

A lot of people choose to trade in their mobile phones to such places as Albemarle Bond in order to get the gold out of it. If you don’t want to trade since you want to buy the latest mobile but you don’t have enough money, go to this web-site to avail their mobile loan. It is important to recycle your old phones because mobiles can contain harmful toxins that are released into the soil in landfills, causing potential harm to the environment and wildlife. To avoid this, make sure that you try your best to take your old phones to be recycled. You help the environment while earning yourself some extra cash at the same time.


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