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Published on May 18th, 2013 | by John I.


Google Glass, are you ready?

Looking for a smart device that you can use in a variety of ways such as a camera, touchpad, and display right in front of your very eyes? That’s exactly what Google Glass is all about – a microphone, battery, display and camera built into a remarkable spectacle frames, so you can perform a multitude of tasks on the fly. What’s more, this brilliant innovation offers a convenient way to free data from your desktop and mobile devices such as your tablets and phones – all in one nifty and handy item.

Overview of the Google Glass

The principle used in the invention of the Google Glass is quite similar to the technology we know from sci-fi flicks, which surprisingly has turned into reality.
This unique “heads-up” form of display places data within your field of vision. The display technology in the Google Glass put data to your vision through a special prism screen located at the upper right portion of the specs. This design allows you to maximize display features without obstructing your clear view of the images. In fact, Google claims that the display is equivalent to the view you can get from a 25-inch High-Def screen about 8 feet away.

There are evident benefits in overlaying data right into your vision, and most of these are offered by the Google Glass. For instance, it is hassle-free to view real time transcriptions or translations of words being said. This device also enables you to scroll through, search for files and reply to all messages instantly.


What You Can Expect

This futuristic device provides an array of potentials that make it a must-have for anyone. Aside from giving you a chance to view films and photos conveniently, the Google Glass is also the best software to use for video conferences, and you can show people what you are exactly looking at. Furthermore, you can check for directions instantly by using Google Maps, despite the fact the GPS is not included in the spec list.

If you need to know more about directions during your travels, you can simply use the MyGlass app, which pairs the headset with your Android phone. Aside from sharing GPS files and data, you can receive messages instantly, view these on the display and reply quickly using the mic or voice-to-text options by Google.

Fascinating Specs of the Google Glass

Another great feature about the Glass is the built-in 5MP camera that can record videos at 720p. Amazingly, the battery life is good for a day, although this only applies with the typical use of the device excluding hours of taking videos.

Other impressive features include the following:

  • Built-in 16GB flash memory with available 12GB for user storage
  • Easy to sync the device to your Google Drive account
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Adjustable and replacement nosepads for the frame
  • Lightweight and robust components
  • Touchpad included along one arm
  • Charger and micro USB cable included
  • Hangout and Google+ notifications (allows you to comment directly to your posts instantly)


Bottom Line

With all these outstanding features, more and more people are eager to check out what exactly the Google Glass can and cannot do.

As for techie individuals out there, this device is indeed a futuristic device that is worth adding to your collection of gadgets.


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