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Published on June 30th, 2012 | by John I.

Google Glass to launch early 2013 at $1500

If someone was able to claim the years best product presentation award then Google and Sergey Brin would definitely deserve it, by presenting Google Glasses. The first high-tech accessory that can be worn in a variety of extreme situations such as helicopter free jumping, bungee jumping, motorcycle exhibitions and downhill activities. Google and Sergey Brin revealed more details on Google’s upcoming Glasses, a device developed in GoogleX. It still may not be a safe to ride on motorcycles because it can cause huge distractions, so for all the motorist out there, make sure you learn everything there is to 

A completely operational device that weighs less than many sunglasses and is integrated with micro-technology hardware that is as powerful as an average laptop with the simple exception that no environmental interaction such as water and dust can harm the device.

Yet no update on how the Google glasses will be displaying information in the exact field of the eye.

Also nothing has been revealed regarding the speed of processing information or what type of battery will be used and what the levels of autonomy will be.

We do however, know that the Google glasses are capable of amazing live streaming video and can be connected to Google+ having a group of people or friends invited and watch or download anything using the hangout application.

The Google Glasses explorer edition will be the first to be released early next year and will be priced at $1500.
If you have not yet seen the live keynote speech of Google simply watch the video below:

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