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Published on April 28th, 2013 | by John I.


How to Upload to YouTube from a Camcorder

A camcorder is a versatile means for you to be what you want to be. By that I mean you can be a documenter of events, be they family christenings, weddings, holidays, parties, or sporting/music events. You can also unleash your creative side. You don’t have to wait for something to happen, you can make it happen for you.

A simple idea, maybe a friend, a script idea and hey presto you have a mini-movie in the making. Add in editing and music and you’ve got something which says a lot more about you than a boring panning shot of the crowded beach at Tenerife, or Beyoncé, jogging around in your extreme zoom from the back row of the O2.

But this article is about what to do with your individual creation. By all means, show friends and family, but why not share it with complete strangers? You’re likely to get some tender love from connoisseurs of internet videos, but you’ll also get a lot of thanks and admiration. You also begin making a name for yourself. Don’t be a shrinking violet- share your work on YouTube. How?

Well, at the risk of complicating things it depends on what camcorder you have. The best ways are different for the bigger HD “semi-professional” camcorders and the pocket camcorders. This article focuses on the pocket camcorders. Just because it’s smaller and cheaper than its big cousin doesn’t mean you can’t upload a mean video and stand the same chance of hitting the “viral” nerve! Take a look at the infamous “Fenton” video of the bad dog chasing deer in Richmond Park London. That went viral and was not shot on an HD Camcorder.

It may seem obvious but most pocket camcorders will not record videos of the same quality as their larger HD cousins. That said they are normally better quality than recording video on your smartphone. I think a pocket camcorder is the way to go- not as expensive as an HD camcorder, yet versatile and able to shoot videos of good quality. Most come with a built in USB connectors which allow you to connect the camcorder directly to a computer. They also normally come with a USB cable. Again, almost all pocket camcorders come with software and this is usually detected and loaded in to your computer as soon as you connect it to your PC for the first time.

Do you have an existing YouTube account? Your pocket camcorder may let you upload movies directly to this account rather than transfer to your PC and then upload to YouTube. Personally I like to transfer to PC first where I have some editing software that I can use to make sure the video is just how I want it. In many cases, the pocket camcorder software will allow you to upload your videos in the highest resolution, but if not, save the video, and then upload from your computer via your YouTube account.

But remember that the final product as it appears on YouTube will be limited by what account you have and the end resolution that YouTube puts out your video at. But that’s not really a problem. If viewers really like your video they will ask you to send them a better quality version. I’ve done this a few times. Just make sure you’re going to have it credited to you. There is some plagiarism and piracy on the internet! But the bottom line is if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Get out there and get noticed. It’s a great feeling when you get positive feedback from YouTube viewers!

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