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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by John I.


iPhone vs Android which phone has the better accessories

Are you Team Android?  Or are you a die-hard iPhone fanatic?  Members of either side will emphatically tell you that their smartphone is the best, but is it really?  Here we’ll take a non-biased look at which type of phone is better from an accessories standpoint

Why Android Rocks

For a lot of people, Android phones are just more functional than an iPhone.  Not only can you charge your Android from any USB point, but it also has, in some ways, greater capabilities, like stylus and deep pen integration.  The amount of apps that are available for Androids are seemingly limitless, though the accessories are what sets it apart.  From HTC One cases (like these available from Mobile Madhouse) and Samsung Galaxy S4 cases to streaming devices (like the Equiso streaming device that turns your television into your own personal Android device) and the Nike FuelBand, you can find an accessory to suit your needs for whatever Android phone you prefer.

Why the iPhone Beats Android

In terms of accessories, the iPhone definitely has the Android beat.  Just the sheer amount of accessories that have been created for the iPhone far surpass those that have been developed for the Android, so if you’re a gadget and tech type of individual, then this Apple product just may be the way to go.  Sure, there are the drawbacks to choosing an Apple product, like having to use their proprietary products (though there are accessories that make that seem like less than a hassle).  When you choose an iPhone, you’re choosing superior accessories.  Just the iPhone cases alone are leaps and bounds beyond Android.  For example, several iPhone cases act not only as a protective barrier between your phone and the elements, but they have additional features such as different camera lenses. There’s even a rather daft/elaborate one designed by singer, Will I Am – have a look at this video to appreciate it in its blingy majesty. For all of the photography buffs out there, iPhones are definitely the way to go.

The Bottom Line

If you’re big into accessories, then the iPhone is surely the way to go.  Apple stores and several other third party companies are just teeming with totally inventive and creative accessories that are sure to suit the tastes and desires of virtually any smartphone user.  That being said, if you know what you want and you don’t want to become dependent on Apple products, Androids are your best bet.  These phones are more flexible and often can offer more functionality than the iPhone – it just depends on what you’re looking for

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