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Published on February 4th, 2013 | by John I.


List of 5 greatest gadgets for an office

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1. Portable Hard Drive

A portable hard drive is essential for every office, so much data collection goes in the office and a place to store is vital. A portable hard drive will come in handy in the office as a storage unit. This gadget is light and hence portable, hard drives come with cases as accessories so if you are into adding a touch to your desk you can choose depending on preference. You can carry your files wherever you go with this gadget that is as efficient as it gets.

2. Cable drop and cable clips

Power cords and USB cables dangling around the office table can be hazardous and also make the office look unkempt. These clips hold the cables and stick onto your monitor or table. The power cords may get lost constantly but now you have a way to keep them organised and within reach. You can hold your cables so that they do not fall off once you have unplugged them. This is definitely a must have for the office.

3. Tablet Envelope

Tablets and notebooks are very sophisticated gadgets and they call for attention every time you have one. You do not want everyone who walks into the office to know that you own a notebook or tablet. The tablet envelopes available come in handy in protecting and disguising your gadget. This cases look like envelopes and perfect for the office setting, besides most of them have wireless connection for printers and photocopiers, so you can print your creations and make copies with a high end color resolution.

4. Microsoft Arc

This is the wireless mouse you just can’t live without a computer usually comes with a keyboard which requires a cable to connect to the device, however if you get a wireless mouse it will reduce the clutter on the desk. The office desk may appear cluttered from the connection wires, go for the portable keyboard as well. It is light and very creative and functional; since it has no wires moving with it to another work station is effortless.

5. Video Memo Pad

The video memo pad is an office gadget that you should consider investing in, so smart and fun to work with. This gadget is used to record, if you have an idea you do not want to forget about you can record and it will stay on standby mode for forty five days. If you are forgetful this one is a great one to act as a reminder.

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