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Published on June 30th, 2012 | by John I.

Remee: The mask that can control our dreams

 Two developers from Brooklyn, New York, Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan, have created a sleep mask gadget that can control… our dreams. The concept brings to mind the scenario from the movie “Inception.”

Although it looks like typical sleep mask, the Remee is a gadget «brought to us from the future.” But how does this mask manage to influence your dreams?
Past research has shown that most dreams “appear” during the REM phase of the sleep, In this phase we are in a very light sleep but the mind is alert and the senses perceive what is happening around us. With this mask, we can now “train” our brain to see the dreams of our choice.

The interior of the mask features a series of six red LED lights, which, of course, are quite “weak”, so that we can’t wake up, but can be perceived as impulses from our brain.
The Remee can recognize when you are in the REM phase of sleep in order to “get” in your dream with the help of «flashing lights». This helps us with recognizing the lights and realizing that we are sleeping and then taking control of our dream while we laid in our Casper Mattress.

The inventors who have created the mask, have also created a website, where you can customize settings, such as when to start the sequence of lights and when repeated, and you can even change their intensity.

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The two friends have requested funding’s for the project from the popular crowd funding site Kickstarter, aiming to reach 27,500 euros. They succeeded, however, to raise a total of 450,350 euros from over 6,550 contributors, making the project ready for its debut on the market.

The mask will be available in five different colour options at a 75 euro cost, and it is worth noticing that until now there have been more than 7,000 orders on standby, with most coming from Australia, Italy and Spain. If you find the idea interesting, have a look the video below.




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