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Published on March 6th, 2013 | by John I.


The Social Media Bracelet is now reality

Are you looking for something that combines technology with fashion? If you are then say hello to Embrace+ , a smart notification bracelet that’s designed for the iPad and Facebook generation. As recently reviewed on the Embrace+ has the ability to flash a whole range colours whenever you receive alerts and notifications from your social media accounts. In other words, this bracelet is a great accessory for those who use social media very frequently.

The Embrace+ is used to signal incoming alerts, calls and texts from several social media applications, so that you’ll have an easier time responding to them using your smartphone. This simple looking bracelet can be customized to flash a whole range of colours for different alerts and contacts. You can choose different colours for different calls, emails and text messages. The bracelet is also compatible with different social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. So if you want a device that helps you manage your contacts, this is one of them.

Aside from social media, the Embrace+ can also be used to provide alerts for Skype. It can also function as an alarm, a calendar alert and as a timer. Given these kinds of features, this bracelet is particularly useful if you want an alternative to conventional alerts and ringtones. For example, you can program the Embrace+ to give important alerts during workout sessions and meetings through the use of a simple iPhone app.

It’s worth mentioning that the bracelet itself is not just a fancy toy. You can customize it to flash either one or two colours for each alert. You can also set the number of flashes, their duration, the interval between each flash and whether or not they should vibrate. You can adjust the colour settings using the RGB colour wheel, which will allow you to save your favourite colour combinations and shades for later use.

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