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Published on April 9th, 2013 | by John I.


Transform your home into a digital palace with today’s technology

Ever since the invention of the computer and the internet, technology has been exploding. It has consistently followed an exponentially increasing growth curve and shows no signs of slowing down. These days, just about everyone owns a smart phone and there is a huge demand for the latest and greatest digital technology. We will talk about some of those technologies below.
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Digital Home Control Panel

You can use a digital home control panel to control all of the functions in your house. Think of it as a truly universal remote that works with everything. The digital home control panel comes with a digital display which allows you to easily navigate through all of the functions in your home. Control the lighting, temperature, locks and more from a handheld device.

DigitalControl Panel

Stream Audio and Video throughout your Home

Wireless is everywhere. Media is everywhere. Everyone likes to kick back and listen to their favorite music and shows. Now, you will be able to stream all of the best media wirelessly through your house. Queue up some music and listen to it anywhere you go.


Wireless Eco-Friendly Appliances

There is a strong push for the green movement these days. Our friends in the kitchen have come up with cleaver ways to combine both energy efficiency and hi-tech convenience and apply it to home kitchen appliances. Use the digital display screen to get a delicious cup of fresh coffee poured for you right away. Throw some ingredients in the blender and program it to stop at your favorite consistency. The possibilities are very exciting to think of.


Digital Door Locks

You can expect digital door locks to become trendy in the very near future. With these digital locks, you will be able to easily lock and unlock your door by entering a 4-12 digit code in your pin pad. The days of struggling with the keys are over. It is 2013 and convenience is king.

Digital door locks will create lot of flexibility. For example, you will be able to create temporary pins that expire after a predetermined amount of time. This is perfect for babysitters and house maids that need to take care of babies, while parents buy their food and Newborn Clothes in different stores including shops online.

Its advanced features also allow you to enter a ‘fake pin mode’ in which you can type in a random set of numbers to outsmart any onlookers. The pin pad illuminates at night to allow you to easily get in your home while at the same time, alerting onlookers that your locks are secure while you are away.

digital door lock

 This  digital door lock is so easy to install. There is no electric work required. It runs on batteries and will easily fit into the night latch lock in most doors and we are not talking about an old school push button green pin pad here; this digital door lock has a LED display. As an added safety feature, no push buttons means that there will be no evidence of your pin number left behind for someone to grab.

Keep in mind that you can also find the most modern lock products at a lock and key shop and learn about your options, if you are feeling like going in a more traditional way, they’re still on top of the security innovations managing to keep your home safe.

Now a days technology is booming and there is no end in sight. These are just 4 of the exciting new technologies that you can look forward to. With them, you will be able to transform your home into a digital palace.

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