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Published on September 24th, 2013 | by John I.


Turn Your Tablet into a Personal Assistant

Many people know that you can use a tablet to set up something simple like an event reminder on a calendar, but some of us have no idea just how handy an android tablet can be when it comes to anything from getting organized to cooking dinner with blender recipes. Tablets that come with app downloading capabilities can make your everyday life easier when you need great ideas in a short amount of time. Many tablets are capable of downloading a host of different apps that will fit your needs regardless of what they might be.

Get Organized

Doctor’s appointments, book clubs, fitness classes? Plan out your day, your week, or even your month in advance. Use your tablet’s built-in calendar to set event reminders and notifications. You can even use your tablet as your alarm clock, allowing it to wake you up to help you get started with your day. Use interactive charts that show you exactly how you are spending your time in a 24-hour period. Need to take a trip to the grocery store? Download specific apps that you can use to type out grocery lists or find apps that let you compare prices of items from various stores.


Need to prepare a meal, but don’t know what to make? You can access websites on your Wi-Fi or cellular capable tablet that allow you to input the ingredients you have on hand, which will result in many different recipes. Access the recipes for free using your tablet without having to bother with heavy cookbooks or having to run back out to the supermarket. You can use a 9 inch tablet as a personal assistant that should be able to go between running apps to opening up web pages with ease. Or maybe you’ve started a new diet and exercise plan? Use your tablet to keep note of what you’re eating and how often you’re working out.

Stay Connected

One of the best things about some android tablets is that you can connect them to computers via their USB ports. Upload or download documents and other things to and from your tablet to your PC computer. If you get an android tablet with a USB port, you’ll never have to worry about your tablet and computer not being able to transfer files back and forth to each other, which makes life easier on you. Perhaps you want to start writing a book, but don’t feel like dragging a laptop with you everywhere you go. Use your tablet to outline your novel, and transfer what you have onto your computer at a later time. Maybe you have a research paper to write for class, use your tablet to have the rewrite my essay services do it for you, everything without a computer.

Implementing your android tablet into your daily life should be difficult. Become familiar with your tablet, so that maneuvering its many useful features becomes secondhand to you. When searching for apps for your tablet, start out by looking at the free apps your tablet can download. Many of them work as well, if not better, than the ones you have to pay for. Take some time to learn all the cool things your tablet has to offer.


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