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Published on February 22nd, 2013 | by John I.


Unusual and Unique Gadget Gift Ideas

In 2013, aside popular Banter Cards, something that is set to become very popular is gadgets that track absolutely everything that you do and everything that occurs in your day to day life. There will be sensors inside certain gadgets that track a whole variety of things including your pets, your home, any security systems you have in place, your weight and even the speed at which you eat your food! The largest electronics fair in the world known as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) opened recently and premi√®red some of the weird and wonderful gadgets of the year. Any of these wacky and useful items, i feel would make great personalised gifts for a loved one.

Trakdot – An item that can locate and find your lost luggage. This is actually a thoroughly useful item, especially if you are always travelling and a little careless with your luggage. Trakdot is a black box in which you phone numbers is saved and details. The box is kept in your luggage and if you lose your cases, you can check online where it is using the Trakdot application. Trakdot costs ¬£30 which is a bargain when you consider that you can track your luggage and get it back, if it ends up at the other end of the world! Try and hire moving companies like moving companies denver to take care of the job for you.


The Smart Fork – This sounds like quite a strange item when you hear what it does, but it can actually help you to lose weight. It is a fact that eating your food too quickly can make you eat more than you really need to and is also not good for digestion. If you use the smart fork to eat your food it will track how quickly you are eating and how many bites you take. If you are eating too fast, the fork will vibrate and light up, this device can teach you how to eat at the correct speed which can help you in the long run in terms of losing weight. It also has informational stuff about the food you eat such as what is matcha and more.


Vuzix Smart M100 Lenses
– Previously reviewed on These clever lenses let you work your smartphone using your eyes. The lenses can be used to do a number of things including making calls, watching videos and browsing a computer. This clever device is not available yet but is set to launch later this year.


Lowe’s Iris System – This is a hub that goes in your home and can help to track any controls that you already have existing in your home. This can include monitoring carbon monoxide, temperature and lights. A thoroughly useful device that will bring some sort of organisation to the many gadgets that you might have in your home.


Canopy Sensus Case – This is an amazing device that adds touch features on the sides and even the back of your iPhone! This gives so much more space for all the apps that you have on your iPhone, instead of them all being squeezed in on the screen of the iPhone itself.


Wrist Strap USB – If you are forever losing your USB stick, then this is the item for you. It looks like a colourful funky arm-strap and then when you take it off it transforms into a USB device.


USB Bottle Opener – People love an item that has more than one purpose so this item is great. It keeps all your data safe while you are working and then come the night time when it is time to have fun you can use it as a bottle opener.



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