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Published on December 1st, 2012 | by John I.


Vuzix Smart Glasses M100

Apple seems to be locking horns with Google and no it’s not about the Nexus 7 tablet but it has all to do with smart glasses for its iPhone and Google’s android. Vuzix smart glasses m100 for these devices will be hit on CES.

Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 is a display device similar to the normal Bluetooth placed over the ear. Currently Google has the largest share market however Vuxiz has also been in existence for a while now and seems to know a thing or two.

Vuxiz already boosts a number of items in the Smart Glasses range with also various varieties of video eyewear with Some having features such as 3D and TV viewing experience. Its latest product which has generated a lot of fuse hence receiving Best Innovations Honor by CES 2013 board will compete with Google’s AR concept hence a wider feature of set boot will be offered.

The Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 hands-free display makes use of Bluetooth to connect and sync data between an Android phone and iPhone. It comes with a virtual display which helps the user to see, an inbound camera with its own processing engine, running on a customized Android operating system.

This device hooks to a smartphone, opens and accesses both existing, future apps so as to output texts, video, maps however Vuzix insists that it is powerful enough to access the internet, run games and other applications using its own independent stream. It comes with an earpiece too just like a Bluetooth headset hence sounds are audible though in mono state.

The display helps one check their address books visually including incoming call alerts. It also incorporates an integrated head tracker plus GPS system for spatial (space) and positional awareness all made possible due to an in-built camera hence AR functionality is achieved with applications that support this feature.

Currently, only smartphone apps work with the device but Vuzix has got plans underway to make the Smart Glasses run independently by developing apps that can directly downloaded and installed to M100 version.
The company’s CEO Mr. Paul J Travers said that the flexible that soon Vuzix will be able to offer on its devices will enable application downloads to the Vuzix running on android operating system. Amazing ideas for advanced HUD navigation applications used for gaming will particularly be happy about this new improvement.

A while back there was no single platform for enhancing augmented reality markets but Vuzix has bridged this gap making hands free interaction with one’s device possible. A visual search of street views using maps would be done in the easiest way possible.
as to how the current market trends will go we will just have to wait and see between Google and vuzix who emerges the winner, all in all just a good quality product will be well appreciated.

Vuzix Smart Glasses’ M100 will be showcased at CES in Las Vegas January, as well as some online gaming. Pocket-lint will bring you more; including price and availability, when we report live back from the consumer electronics trade show.

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