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Published on April 15th, 2013 | by John I.


5 Things To Consider Before Running An Online Survey

Running the right survey at the right time can give you all the necessary information to act on. While it normally takes just a few minutes to customise a simple online survey, there are things you should consider before using dotSurvey tools.

1. What’s your objective?

Ask any marketing expert and you’ll hear that the first step to an effective online survey is defining the objective. Try to come up with a clear understanding of what feedback you really want to receive and remember that you will have to take action based on the feedback. It’s best to choose a narrow segment for studying and keep all the questions focused to learn specific ways to improve this aspect of your business.

2. How to keep a survey focused?

Needless to say, all your questions should concern the original purpose of your survey and nothing else. Don’t include unclear questions and those that don’t directly support your goal. Remember that shorter surveys tend to have higher response rates so keep the number of questions short. An online survey should take no more than five minutes to complete.

3. What type of questions to ask?

It’s imperative to be as specific as possible when asking questions. Try to use close-ended questions that provide specific answer options as they take less time to answer and analyse. Make sure the questions don’t have too many answer options as it may confuse and distract the respondent.

4. When is it time to start?

Pre-test your survey to make sure there are no errors, it’s easy to complete and the format of answers is suitable for analysing. Determine the right time to start, which depends on your targeted audience. For example, business days are perfect for employee surveys, while retailers may choose weekends when their customers are more active.

5. How to target a survey?

One of the most effective ways to get the right audience participate in the survey is sending invitations to a particular segment in your email list. Consider enticing respondents with an offer as a payoff for their time. Send thank-you emails and let respondents know that their opinions can make a difference.

Spend some time planning your survey before customising an online template as this may bring much more actionable and reliable results.

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