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Published on June 27th, 2012 | by John I.

7.9 New Internet users every second

Have you ever wondered how many people use the internet or how many users first visit the internet every day? If we consider that the planet we live in has more than 7 billion people and at least one third of them use the Internet, how many users are added to the Internet every month, every day or even better every minute?

According to a survey by on the percentage of people who regularly visit the Internet compared with the global population we see that 32.7% are internet users. The last statistic was made on December 31, 2011 and shows that 2,267,233,742 people used the internet. Previous statistic from the same service was held on March 31, 2011 with a 2,095,006,005 counts of users.
So, according to the above measurements and statistics within 9 months the Internet has acquired 172,227,737 new users. This means that:

19,136,415 – Every month.
4,784,103 – Every week.
683,443 – Every day.
28,476 – Every hour.
474 – Every minute.
7.9 – Every second.

The internet is introduced to about 8 new users every second. Is this not impressive?

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