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Published on December 14th, 2012 | by John I.


An overview of Global internet connectivity

Akamai the content distribution company has been publishing internet reports for the past four years. This has been essential in ascertaining the level of internet connectivity on a global scale.
The report looks into details about countries, regions and cities, the common denominator being broadband capabilities. When using the average connection to users- as a yard stick, South Korea Came first at 17mbps.

It also retains the same rank when it comes to the average peak delivered and it stands at 49.9Mbps. This is capable of downloading a typical movie at an average of 30 minutes, while a song at less than three seconds.

The report by Akamai also showed countries that are on the losing end. These countries generally have less connectivity, and they include: Cuba, the Comoros, Burundi, the Republic of Congo, Niger, Mali, and East Timor. All these countries had less than 300 Kbps, and downloading the same movie would take well over 24 hours. The US was position 13 averaging 5.8 Mbs the same movie would take more than an hour to download- considering that all other relevant factors remain constant, which is not always the case.

How did Akamai Make the Assessments?

Akamai is well positioned to gather relevant information without necessarily asking questions about the services of internet providers- this would otherwise reveal details to their competitors. It is one of the largest content delivery services mirroring data across the globe, playing an essential role by assisting servers that would otherwise be overwhelmed by data load.

And also it readily avails it to the end user who connects to the internet. The end user does not have to connect half-way the internet to get what he/she requires. Apart from handling software updates and video streams, it also acts as a mirroring service for sites, acting as a back up for sites like Netflix, Twitter, and Facebook. It is estimated that Akamai handles 15-30 percent of web traffic, which is about 2 trillion interactions in a single day.

The data provided by Akamai showed the following countries to be on the top ten list based on the average broadband connectivity speeds. The list included: South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, followed by The Netherlands, Latvia, Switzerland, and Ireland. The others on the list were Czech Republic, Romania, and Belgium. Although there was a shift in position with some countries improving while others dropping, the bottom line is that there are several factors that dictated the situation. Consumer habits and change from landline broadband to mobile broadband connection played an essential role. And also change in policy affected the end results a good example being Libya.

It is paramount to note that calculating averages can be skewed in the sense that you need to understand how access is broken down. Calculating the average speed of a few people having high connectivity in a large population will not give you clear end-results. This is due to the fact that it will not clearly show the experience of majority users. If this criteria is used then the result will definetely change as follows ;South Korea, Netherlands, Japan, followed by Hong Kong, Belgium Switzerland, then Latvia, the last three on the top ten list are Romania, Czech Republic and Denmark.

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