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Published on November 16th, 2012 | by John I.


Consumer Cloud Vs. Business Cloud

Although cloud storage is not a new concept, developments in web and communication technologies have greatly popularised the service in recent years. Cloud storage has emerged as a solution to document storage along with other data storage requirements and demands for businesses and consumers alike.

Cloud Storage Basics

Cloud storage is when data and information is stored on a remote network. Rather than data being saved locally to a hard drive or USB pen drive, data is instead stored on an online storage cluster, and the process is often as simple as dragging a file to a drive. Cloud storage is typically provided by a third-party company who have multiple servers housed in a data centre. Although files may be physically saved across several different drives or servers, the user will be able to access and see their files all together in one place, just as if they were saving to their hard drive.

Different Storage Size Requirements

Cloud storage is a scalable technology, and it is suitable for the storage requirements of consumers and businesses. Whether they are a multinational corporation or a small office, businesses can use cloud storage instead of investing in their own data solutions. Cloud storage requires no physical storage space for servers, and all maintenance requirements, such as backing up data, is left to whoever is providing the cloud storage. Businesses can profit significantly by switching over to cloud-based operations. In fact, the network company Allstream has a SIP Trunking ROI Calculator where businesses can assess just how much they would save.

Safety and Security

With hundreds, even thousands, of files being uploaded to an external server via the Internet from different physical locations, cloud storage has increased security measures. Users concerned about security can be assured that cloud storage is robust and safe to use, even for confidential and personal files. All data is encrypted and only authorized users with proper authentication can access cloud storage, plus a password protect folders windows 10 as well for extra security. Although the likes of human error and bugs can permit security breaches, local data storage has the same security vulnerabilities as cloud storage.

What Do They Store

Cloud storage can save and backup any type of file that a hard drive is able to store. Consumers may choose to use the service to save and access photographs, music or personal projects. Cloud storage offers the same flexibility and accessibility as a pen drive, all a user needs is an Internet connection to access their files. Users can even access their cloud storage from a phone or mobile tablet. Businesses use cloud storage to save their day-to-day business files and information. Documents, transactional data, work projects and reports can be automatically saved and retrieved from multiple workstations and from different employees by using cloud storage.

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