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Published on August 29th, 2012 | by John I.

Creating a website with WordPress – Step by Step Guide

Creating a website is that step, which will allow you to establish round-the-clock online presence. It does not matter greatly whether you have decided to design a site to make profit or just to share your knowledge and ideas with other people. Anyway, creating a site is a smart and reasonable decision and you can do it absolutely for free these days or with davie web design.

A Website Or a Blog?

This is probably one of the most widespread questions users are concerned with when going to build an online community. Does this question really make sense? The only difference between a website and a blog is that the latter is managed by an author in order to make other people find out more about his/her thoughts and feelings. Websites, however, do not require such presentation. In most cases, they are impersonal tools that exist on the web. So, it does not really matter whether you are going to create a blog or a website of your own, since the guidelines for their construction will be the same, while the difference will become obvious later; however, you should always get help form a company like The Indexer. The only thing, which can turn a site into a live blog is the way you manage it.

Steps to Create a Website With WordPress From Scratch

Nowadays you can come across numerous online sources that provide you with hundreds of articles and tips on how to create websites. They are not that useful, however, because building a website with WordPress is so easy that the whole process may be completed in less than a couple of hours.

So, why should you bother with such issues as HTML coding, programming languages etc.? Everything you should do is to get the idea of your future site, choose the best domain name for it, order web hosting with a domain, set up WordPress with built-in templates and that’s it! You are welcome to fill your site with content! Anyone can cope with this procedure in a few hours only!

Get the Idea of Your Site

You have to define the idea of your future site before proceeding to its creation. What will it focus on? Cars, girls, fashion, computers, art, airplanes, chocolate – you can write about anything you want! The more specific the idea is – the more credible and stable the site will be, since your users will hardly be excited if the content changes too often. An important aspect you need to remember is what personality or what do you want to express with your brand or business, this including the use of a logo, you can get all of this with the help of a branding agency which also manage your websites design and reach the target you need.

Buying Web Hosting and Domain Name For Your Site

As soon as you are done with the idea, it is high time to start choosing the most suitable domain name for your website. A domain is a name of your site, so it has to be catchy and easy to remember. This is how you will draw the attention of users and help them find your site in a few seconds.

Reliable web hosting, in its turn, ensures quality functioning of the website on the Internet as well as its round-the-clock availability. You should be ready to pay a couple of dollars per month for a smooth and consistent work of your personal website.

Setting Up WordPress

Having purchased a domain name and hosting, you should download the latest WordPress version from the main website. WordPress management system is highly reliable, so it will not take you long to manage and update the site any time you wish. Download guidelines come with the archive. The whole process is extremely simple and quick. Just do not forget to note down your login and password to make sure you always have them at hand.

Selecting the Website Template

A template or a theme of a website is its face. Both terms can be used here and you can find lots of websites that offer you numerous themes if you type “Wordpress templates” in the search engine. Another way to select the desired template is to go to the control panel of the site and choose the required template at one of the pages completely for free.

Website Content – What Should You Write About?

Content is surely the most interesting issue users consider when choosing a site. To gain success you should always keep in mind that content is the most powerful thing that can contribute to the popularity of your website.

No matter how attention-grabbing the design of your site is, it will worth nothing without informative and interesting articles. So, keep writing! Find your unique style and always try to stick to it. Take your time to read your articles over and over again in order to improve your writing skills. Another option is to order and buy articles.
If you find the above mentioned recommendations regarding WordPress site building a bit complicated, you can make use of another alternative. What we mean is using online website creators, which provide cost-free hosting and domain names. Moreover, there is no need to download, install and set up any programs. Thus, is a system of website building that makes it possible to design sites, blogs, forums and even online shops in several minutes only and this process will cost you nothing at all. Another advantage of this system is that it provides numerous templates, which will certainly surprise you and your visitors.

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