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Published on November 25th, 2012 | by John I.


Developing Countries to get inspiration from the internet

The internet has contributed to a lot of progress that has been witnessed by developed countries. One of the ways that developed countries benefited from the internet is that the citizen have been able to use it as a way of making their voices had over some major issues that affect them directly. It if following this same idea that Britain has been helping people in third world countries use the internet and mobile devices to make their voices heard about how they should be governed.

Justine Greening, who is the International Development Secretary, is introducing a new strategy to ensure that people in developing countries can be able to use the internet and mobile phones to voice their concern for change. This program is called Making All Voices Count. The program has been possible due to the collaboration between the United States Agency for International development, DfID (Department for International Development, Omidyar Network and the Government of Sweden.

Greening has placed more emphasis of encouraging technology development in the poorest countries using British Aid. Technology can be used to bring about the change needed in developing countries just as it did bring the change in the Middle East.
Another organization working with the UK is the Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s WWW Foundation.

The two partners have been working together to determine the best ways to use technology to improve the lives in third world countries. Britain has been in the forefront of promoting technological advancement in developing countries as seen in the case with Pakistan where people can now be able to use their mobile phones to make know to the authorities any corrupt officials.

Two of the things that will be discussed at London’s Tech City conference are technological progress and transparency. The conference is being hosted by the Omidyar Network and the Department for International Development.

Justine Greening is determined to channel Britain’s aid to third world countries towards the development of technology. This she says is because of the fact that technology will change how government works; it will promote accountability and increase growth in business and trading. Click here


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