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Published on December 15th, 2012 | by John I.


Google taking over the world?

You might be one of the people who have actually made it to this particular post by searching on Google. You may also be one of those people who share content through Gmail, Google+ or even Google Buzz. With regards to the recent post about Google’s services and how they changed our life I decided to put together some of the most important Google services and applications and analyse them in depth. Google is basically one of the best search engines out there and Google+ which gives the Google users their very own social site.

Google are looking at other fresh options such as Google Music, Google eBooks and Google Reach. Google has been on a spending spree starting off b y the $100 million on advertising and finance companies followed by another $100 to buy original content from YouTube.

Google also came up with Google Maps which have been quite handy with the public transport as well as Google TV. Another product that was rolled out by Google is the Android which has turned out to be very successful when it comes to mobile operating systems as well as being the brains behind most of the electronics that are found in the home.

Google is basically venturing everywhere because of information. They have a mission statement which is “To Index the World’s Information” and this is basically what they are trying to do.

The main issue that Google had with Facebook was mainly based around the inaccessibility to the Facebook Social Graph. This is why they decided to come up with their own by creating Google+.

There are many people who compare Google+ to Facebook since they compare both of them along social network lines. Facebook allows the user to draw in as much as they can from the web, Google works in the opposite direction. It helps the users to open and explore the web further.

There are some people who are uneasy about the direction in which things are heading. It could be Google in the near future starting with our home entertainment systems, digital hearts, cars, planes as well as within the work environment where the Google Docs will be used consulting lemon law in the process. It will gradually turn into a Googleverse.

This is not a bad thing at all. Google is a corporation like others and it also seeks to deliver quality service. It has also helped in averting crisis by providing quick response to earthquake zones where crisis response teams are sent. It has also helped in improving both our private and public life.

With the strides that it is making, it may soon extinguish all competition and even end up being the only available option. At the moment, the only thing that has kept Google in check is the rate at which it is developing.

Google decided to bid for an online video service and this brought speculation as to whether it can also be referred to as a media company. If this particular definition holds true then it may end up being in direct competition with the companies that it claims to serve. This may end up being a conflict of interest which may lead to anti-trust issues which may break up Google.

Lucky enough, it is yet to come down to that since they seem to be aware of these issues and thus try not to go against the guidelines. It is clear that the world is quickly transforming and Google is at the forefront of this transformation. Times are really interesting.

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