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Published on October 29th, 2012 | by John I.


Is your agency over-complicating PPC?

Internet marketing, search engine optimisation and pay per click campaigns are all phrases that strike fear into the hearts of the inexperienced marketer. It is however entirely possible for PPC agencies to routinely overplay the complexities involved in PPC marketing in order to increase the fees that they are charging. PPC agencies that do this are likely to be neglecting to offer their customers the best ROI for the fees that they are paying.

A simple yet effective approach to running a PPC campaign is always the best way forward.

  • Communication Matters

Communication between the PPC agencies and the client is paramount in order to ensure that the company involved increases their online visibility in the way that is important to the business’ current plans and goals. Regular meetings between clients and agencies are essential and should be arranged as standard.

  • Eliminating Any Break in Momentum

Is it also important for any agency to have more than one person aware of the campaign and its intricacies so that in the event of one staff member being absent or unable to continue there is no break in the momentum of the campaign which is important if the work undertaken is to be successfully completed.

  • Having an Experienced PPC Marketer Working for You

A successful PPC marketer will have an insight into the behaviours / motivations of the internet search engine user, a sound knowledge of Google Adwords and the ability to use these skills, alongside good old-fashioned common sense to put together a campaign that will heighten the visibility of a brand in order to increase revenue. In simple terms you need a PPC agency that knows what they are talking about and a reasonable budget.

  • Staff That Keep Abreast of Internet Updates

The internet changes with alarming regularity. In order to effectively keep on top of these changes to ensure that a client’s keywords are up to date and that the PPC campaign continues to run on track the PPC agencies need to keep abreast of changes and ensure that all staff are trained as appropriate. It is more often than not an inexperienced team member who has not been given adequate support who may damage or reduce the effectiveness of a campaign.

 Basically, the PPC agencies need to make sure their house is order and that everyone is kept up to speed. This is a common sense approach to running any business, advertising or otherwise and should be done as a matter of course. No client should be paying extra fees or suffering a loss in visibility due to an advertising agent not having adequate knowledge to perform the task at hand. It really is as simple as that.

  • The Personal Approach

Bid software does the job yet is not intuitive and misses the personal connection between a brand and their target audience. A PPC agency needs to remain well trained in up to date internet related matters and have the ability to use this knowledge to identify keywords which will reach out to the right people.

  • In Simple Terms

Making the process more complicated is often a tool which many PPC agencies use to increase their fees. Be sure when choosing a PPC agency to represent your internet marketing interests that you know what you are paying for. The agency that you choose should be well trained and experienced, utilise a personal touch, communicate regularly, have a professional approach to working in order to eliminate any disruptions and must be transparent regarding fees.

 PPC advertising need not be overcomplicated, it simply needs to be organised and run by a reputable and experienced team.

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Jag has been writing for over 5 years. Her sales and marketing background has helped her write informative articles in areas including digital marketing; specifically, PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media. Speaking of Search Engine Optimization, there are lots of SEO companies in Phoenix.

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