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Published on February 5th, 2013 | by John I.


Online Services to Easily Change Your Address

Moving can be a real pain, but one part of making a move doesn’t have to be. Now, there are companies offering you an easy and convenient way to digitally make a change of address online. I’ll explain a bit on how it works.

What Exactly is a Digital-Automated Change of Address?

Instead of wading through all the paperwork and phone calls to notify all your contacts about your updated US post office change of address status, you can just use an online resource to do it all for you, automatically. You sign up for the service and they contact everyone you need to let know that you’ve moved.

They notify the U.S. Postal Service as well as any business, school, or other organization you need to contact. They even send personal notifications of your change of address to all you friends and family via email. They can also update your Facebook and Twitter pages automatically as well, and how amazing is that?

What Else Do These Services Offer?

These online services can also help you eliminate your junkmail. If you get a ton of junkmail this can be a real life saver. You just let them know all the places you don’t want to receive mail from, like credit companies sending offers and the like, and they’ll notify them with “do not mail” notices.

You can also work with these companies before and after you move to add and adjust how they handling your address change. So you can tailor your mailings to really satisfy all your needs. At your new address you won’t be receiving the mass of junk mail you were before!

The benefits of an automated change of address are really too many to enumerate here. If you’re planning to or going through a move, there is no better way to make your life easier than to look into this fine online service.


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