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Published on March 18th, 2013 | by John I.


Popular sites where you can play free mini games

Flash games used to be very simple and basic a while ago, and yet in spite of this they managed to keep players entertained for hours. However, we’re in 2013 now, and things have changed a lot (in a positive way). Online games are now much more sophisticated, allowing users to personalize their characters, unlock different quests, socialize with other players, and so on. Thus, they are now more suitable to be played by everyone, from kids to adults to elder people. They are a fast and convenient way to relieve stress and enjoy some quick entertainment, regardless whether you’re at home or on the go. But where can you find the best online games out there? Here are the most important websites in this regard:

Miniclip has been providing flash games to its users ever since 2001. Thus, it managed to build itself a reputable database of loyal players, which all get on the site from to time to enjoy some of their popular titles. Miniclip adds a new game to the site at least once every month, but sometimes they add as many as 4-5 per month. There are various game categories to select from, including action, adventure, multiplayer, and even iPhone and Android titles to be played on the run.

Addicting Games is one of the largest sources for online games on the web, being founded in as early as 1999. The games here are usually more complex than the ones on Miniclip, requiring you a bit of skill and strategy for maximum results. However, there are also more simplistic games to adhere to, such as the ones related to racing and shooting. They can be played at whichever time you prefer.

Armor Games is a website from where hundreds of other smaller ones use to borrow content. The games here are truly fun and enjoyable to play, most of them falling on the action/adventure niches. If you create yourself an account on the website you can even continue the progress from where you left. Thus, if you regularly play from work, in your lunch break, or from a foreign location you can easily save the game and then continue it at home exactly from the same level. provides you with more than 6000 titles to choose from, ranging from sport and skill games to puzzle, board and uk casino slots related ones. All games are quick and easy to load, and the fans of retro-blockbusters can rejoice from Mario and Gold Miner remakes. If you’re into more complex games instead, they also offer RPG games which prove to be quite enticing, games as Overwatch that people play online, and many others even go and also watch overwatch anime videos in different sites online.

If you’d rather spend your time firing up a quick race against your opponents, then this is definitely the site to go for. The games here are quite simplistic, being ideal for those moments where you’re in a hurry and can’t play for too long, such as a lunch break at work.

If you’d prefer a more complex game of this genre, then I strongly recommend you to check out this site:
They offer a free car game which resembles real-world F1 racing as much as possible.

With this game, you can also buy a massive range of cars that might not be released very soon in the real world. This means that, if you like a new car and want to take it out for a test drive, there’s a good chance that Auto Club already have it in their garage, allowing you to take it out for a virtual spin.

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