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Published on March 27th, 2013 | by John I.


Services that over the years have turned Online

Internet has made big changes in the way people work and interact with each other. There are many services that have changed dramatically because almost all types of data have been digitized and various processes can be now completed online. It is no longer necessary to meet face to face to conduct the business. The digital contents are accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. Services that were slow and cumbersome for both the service providers and seekers now take place in real time. There are many industries, sectors and fields that have benefited from these changes. This has led to cost reduction and efficiency. Following are a few of the services that have changed completely for the better.

Will Making

Making a will used to be a complex task that involved, look here when consulting a lawyer over many sessions? Now with easy to use online tools, any person can just download the will format and write the will within minutes.

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Just a few years back, adding and managing citations related to articles and books was a time-consuming affair. But now thanks to a online services provided by Cite, the citation process has become easier. Citations related to books, articles and other online resources can be made immediately. A person only needs to fill a few details like the name of the author and the title of the article or book, and all the details are added immediately in the required MLA or APA format.

Digital Signatures

Signature of a person plays an important role in validating a document. In earlier times, businesses had to sometimes send authorized people to the place where documents needed to be signed. Companies could not monetize their resources properly because they could reach only a limited number of customers or clients. That has changed completely with the introduction of digital signature. This type of signature has been made legally valid and now companies across different sectors are taking advantage of this method to access a larger number of clients.

Online TV

Even when people could access 100 or 200 television channels, the number of programs a person wanted to view was limited. Anyone interested in a particular program had to be present at the exact time when that program was telecast. This has changed completely with the entry of online TV. Now anyone can watch favourite programs, videos, movies, documentaries and episodes of soap operas anytime from anywhere in the world.

Online Dating

Dating the right person has always been a tricky thing. Writing letters and arranging the meeting was a long drawn out process. Online dating has made the whole process easier. At a dating site, the user only needs to define the type of person he or she wants to date and the dating website instantly shows the list of people who match the defined criteria.

Whether it is business, legal, personal, government or other sectors, the methods and processes have changed completely because of content digitization and the possibility of real time interaction. As the technology advances, people will notice more changes in their life.


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