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Published on November 24th, 2012 | by John I.


Seven million British adults have never used the internet

The general public is largely unaware of the fact that Great Britain has a hidden but significant problem with web literacy, as this information doesn’t really reach the front pages of daily newspapers. Almost 15 % of the entire population of Great Britain had never used the Internet in their life. When this percentage gets translated into real figures – 7.63 million people (third-quarter figure), it sounds even more serious. People which are not literal in a technology used by the other 85% of the population and the entire world inevitably fall behind and “disappear”.

These people have reduced chances for employment, education and overall social and cultural growth. The information was drawn from the report made by the Office for National Statistics which states that men use the Internet more than women in GB (87% men and 83% of women). Unfortunately, web literacy is a heavy burden both for the people in question and the economy, as the problem costs our country about £3 per year (Booz and Company).

Go ON UK suggest that an additional number of 9 million people in our country do not posses the necessary skills to do even the simplest of tasks (YouTube video reproduction, composing an email, signing in and registration of new online accounts). However, there are opposing statistics as well. Another report made by the Office for National Statistics suggests that the number people who have never used the Internet is slowly decreasing.

Statistics also show that London has a large number of web literate people (88% use the Internet). Northern Ireland however, must quickly approach the problem from another angle, as only 77% of people use the Internet there. On the bright side, the third quarter of the year is better than the second, as the number of web illiterate people has decreased by 2%.


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