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Published on November 19th, 2012 | by John I.


Staying safe from the latest online shopping scams

Majority of online shoppers fall victims of online scammers day by day. This is as a result of giving out too many personal details including those of shopping items like the credit cards. Web information is expensive and cyber criminals target online shoppers mainly because they are likely to forego too personal information for smart deals and discounts offered for online shopping. Shoppers have start to pay monthly catalogues to help them get coupons and find out about the best deals.
According to U.K’s Equifax, only six out of ten of online shoppers would be clever enough to abandon an online transaction that demands extra details.

This being a get safe online week, the main agenda is to give awareness to victims of online scammers. According to a survey they conducted, it revealed that the main threats that an online shopper can fall a victim are in their order of prevalence are; viruses, email hacking, social media account intrusions, fraudulent online shopping items and online credit card fraud.
It is advisable that customers only provide personal information where they believe they can fully trust the organization. He added that people need to be aware of the risks and try as much as they can to protect themselves of such risks because scamming and cyber crime get more sophisticated day by day thus subjecting more people to problems because activities like shopping, socializing and banking are activities that we do daily.

Despite the regrets by those who fall victims of cyber fraudsters, a whopping 40% still admits that they are willing to forego personal information for some good deal or online discount. The C.E.O of get safe online remarked that web users should feel free to ask for assistance while using online services as this will help a great deal to solve the problem.

What are the tips of staying safe on the internet? Passwords should be a personal secret. Do not use similar passwords for similar transactions. It is also advisable to create passwords that are unique and that cannot easily be guessed.

Be cautious of the fraudulent sites that offer smart promises that are unrealistic.Before you submit any information, gather sufficient information about the organization you want to shop from.It is advisable to use credit cards for shopping. Credit card payment has a program that is likely to protect from fraudulent online shopping.Keep your virus status up to date.

You can use firewalls,It is of essence to be aware of the internet hotspots that are likely to be affected by cyber fraudsters. This is done by thorough research and also assessing current news on cyber offences. For every social site that you access, consider their background information like privacy and security settings because they may in one way or another help a great deal. If you own a business, you need to be more careful than that, it is recommended to have an expert certified with Security Plus training, someone who will know what to do in case your business gets exposed to danger.
Be on the watch out while downloading apps especially from sources that are not official as they may contain malicious spyware.

In every online activity you engage in, keep a record of everything that happens as it happens and seek advice on any suspicious events. Report any signs of suspicion or abuse in the sites that you assess to a responsible authority like the police.

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