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Published on January 18th, 2013 | by John I.


The Changing Dynamics of Online Shopping

Online shopping is gaining global popularity as the number of online users swell the world over. This has spurred development of  top Shopping Cart Softwares and numerous applications to make your online shopping experience efficient and memorable. The software programs and applications make it possible for you to pick what you need and have the item shipped and delivered at little or no fees.

You can shop online using your computer, tablet or cell phone devices.
The ease of access and the scale of online trade have nonetheless attracted the taxman’s eye as online traders in 12 states are required to remit tax on sales. Illinois Senator, Dick Durbin, is pushing to have the law cover the entire United States.

The legislation has however not dampened the development of applications and programs such as Shopping Cart Software’s. Walmart is expanding its investment in online shopping infrastructure by acquiring Kosmix at $ 300 million while Toys R Us has launched a 300,000Sq ft. center to boost the store’s online sales and efficiency. If you want some great discounts while shopping, then check out the deals from

The competition is likely to spark competition over various online outlets. This might lead to value added services and better terms that may include free shipping and flexible return policies. Other trends and changes to keep an eye on include:

In-store Pickup and Pickup Depots

Walmart is  the major player that have incorporated in-store pick up to handle its Internet orders. Kmart and Sears are currently perfecting deliveries to your car. Farm stores in Florida on the other hand allow you to make online purchases and pick the items on your way home along a drive through. Pickup depots are popular over small scale retailers looking for ways to make quick deliveries despite having smaller distribution networks.

Mobile Applications and Video

The rise of the number of people using smartphones is a motivating factor behind the development of applications that allow you to compare prices and receive or send coupons. Online retailers are using videos to enable customers’ contributions towards product promotions. Some, for example, allow clients to upload their videos modeling clothes and fashion accessories available online at

Social Networking

Facebook and Twitter have not been fully exploited by online marketers. Online traders such as Victoria Secret have used Facebook to reach over 12 million customers. This is because you can get new customers with the help of existing clients’ firsthand comments on your products.

Wider Playing Field and Deal Aggregators

Your ability to attract customers internationally makes it possible for you to grow rapidly and have a better return on your investment. Deal aggregators on the other hand enable consumers to go for quality items that are retailing at the lowest price. Sites such asConsumerSearch, Dealnews, FatWallet and Brad’s Deals are well known for driving prices down in this manner.

The Growth of Subsidiary Online Shopping Sectors

Companies that offer online traders technical support are also on the rise to give e-commerce a solid and reliable future. Outfits such as Shipify are for instance dedicated towards providing safe cart shopping solutions to online traders. These include providing next generation online software applications and innovative groundbreaking ways to grow your online enterprise.

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