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Published on December 11th, 2012 | by John I.


Tips for Secure Online Shopping

Every holiday season there is a surge in online shopping, people love to use the coupon codes for online shopping to get great deals. Unfortunately, every year unsuspecting shoppers become victims to identify theft and other crimes. With regards to the recent post about all kinds of online scams that you should be aware of and try avoiding, we decided to create an additional post highlighting the most important security tips to prevent becoming a victim of theft and fraud this holiday season.

Be Aware of Internet Retailer’s Policies

Consumers should avoid internet retailers that do not have the guarantees or policies typically found on most retail sites. A reputable e-commerce site has this information clearly states on their website. If the retailer does not have this, it may be suspect.

Only Use Secure Checkouts

Credit card information can be stolen when the credit card transaction occurs. The only way to ensure that this does not occur is by using a secure checkout. Make sure the retailer uses full encryption. The checkout is secure by location by locating the lock on the browser’s screen or a pop-up informs that user that they are entering an encrypted part of the website.

Use an Updated Browser

Take advantage of the browser’s security features. The computer should have the latest version the browser installed. Also, set the security settings to the medium or highest level of security setting.

Install an Anti-Virus Program

Predators are always searching for victims. These predators find ways to place spyware and malware on computer hard drives. Spyware and malware allow criminals to steal sensitive information. Without a good anti-virus program, these infections are virtually undetectable.

Use Craigslist with Caution

Many shoppers are looking for good deals. While Craigslist and sites like it are popular, they may have security risks. Pick up the item in person; too many people are scammed by paying money for a product that is never shipped. When arranging pickup, make sure to meet the seller in a well-lit location and try not to go alone.

The holiday season is supposed to be a happy time. Do not let it get ruined by becoming a victim to internet theft. Following these tips will ensure that everyone’s online shopping experience is secure.

This post was provided by iPayX, an industry leading provider of secure online payment systems for organizations and enterprises worldwide.

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