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Published on June 9th, 2013 | by John I.


When music inspired by nature was captured by technology

Creativity is always inspired by something, as it is an expression of the feelings of an artist. There could be no better inspiration than the nature itself. Capturing the nature in its true form and then capturing the music created from this inspiration was an objective of the Xperia Versus project. In this project Sony invited a bunch of creative artists to collaborate in creating music and video, which is inspired by the Northern Lights. Skills of everyone involved from artists to technology were tested at one of the toughest places to live on earth.

Smartphones are imparting mobility and portability into many human actions and this is the primary reason for their popularity. In this Xperia Versus project, Sony decided to challenge its product in the toughest conditions, putting it into the hands of experts, so that it could be used to create something original and authentic. Creating music inspired from “the Northern Lights,” was truly an endeavor to create sound out of color.

This challenge was accepted by Damian Kulash of OK Go, Photographer Martien Mulder, and PYYRAMIDS. In this whole project Sony smartphones and tablets with screen from Jacksonville mobile screen hire were used for the creation of music and video. Sell Xperia smartphones which are used for taking the photographs, recording videos and music. Then all these recordings were mixed using the tablet to create a final musical piece. With the easy multi-device connectivity offered by Sony smartphones and 9 inch tablet devices, the whole process was really easy. The result was a truly creative song which expresses the feelings of witnessing the Northern Lights in their true state and it is a video named “From Under Other Stars.”

“From Under Other Stars,” is a great electro-pop music, which has nice blend of guitar, drums and other instruments, recorded in the most natural conditions of the artic, using the smartphone. You can sense the nature in the song and like the Northern Lights are fleeting in the skies displaying various colors in that action. This song will truly take you to trance in that situation. The video shot has great visuals and the quality of music is superb. There is a crispness which is usually doesn’t exist in outdoor recordings.

Xperia Versus project was a challenge both for the devices involved in it and the artists using the device, as the conditions were very unusual for creating a music video. However, the end result is truly amazing to watch and listen to.


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