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Published on July 31st, 2012 | by John I.

Why your Business website needs a Blog

Blogs; often, they’re viewed as little more than a mouthpiece for people to pontificate, or as mere online journals, noting activities from the genuinely interesting to the unrepentantly mundane. Increasingly though more and more businesses, both big and small are taking to the platform, using it as key component in their marketing activities. What then, are the benefits or maintaining a regularly updated and active blog, particularly if you’re a small business or start-up?

  • It provides an effective way to interact with customers

Writing about your business or providing an opinion on the latest industry movements can help attract customers, provided you write intelligent copy and are both interesting and informative. There’s the potential to engage with prospective clients via the comments tab and develop relationships, regular interaction possibly helping to cultivate brand loyalty.

  • It could prove an effective promotional tool

With local and national newspaper sales dwindling, the promotional and public relations landscape has changed. Twitter and Facebook now provide the news for many people, especially the young. Any news regarding your company can be released in length via your blog and promoted via these social media websites, expensive PR agencies being avoided.

  • It could help you build your brand

What you write, the pictures you share or the videos you put up can all help to build your brand image, in a mould specific to your business. Through blogging you can project any image of your company you desire, from budget to high end product.

  • Most importantly, it’s could prove cost-effective

There are a number of free ‘create your own blog’ services on the market; Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress, all potentially making the move to blogging hugely cost-effective for  your business. Ultimately though, the effectiveness of blogging via your own website can be dependent upon the capabilities of your hosting provider. This is particularly true in the case of WordPress, so It’s therefore worth examining the host provider market and considering switching to a provider that offers an integrated service, making WordPress installation easy.

As of February 2011 there were reportedly 156 million blogs in existence. To put that into the context that’s a figure near two and half times the population of the UK. It’s a huge platform and one which is hugely popular, further statistics suggesting that 46% of people read Blogs multiple times a day. Your blog is sure to be viewed sooner or later and should you be savvy with your cross social media based promotion, writing appealing copy and providing quality content, you’ll soon  be able to set yourself apart from the sheer wealth of blogs on the market.

Blogging could prove to be an effective and cheap marketing tool, particularly in these austere times where budgets and funding can be tight. A presence in the blogosphere could reap huge rewards for your business, if done effectively.

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