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Published on July 27th, 2012 | by John I.


5 Things Facebook Users Don’t Know About

You may think that you have a handle on everything there is to know about Facebook, but with the constant updates and changes it isn’t hard to end up feeling a little lost.

That’s where we come in…We are here to help show you all the tips and tricks that might have been evading you.

Whether you want to pimp your profile to make it look the best it can be or manages how people message you, all you need to know is right here!

Pin Your Posts to the Top of Your Profile

Pin recent post to the top of your profile to highlight the content you want people to pay immediate notice to. All you need to do is select the post you want to promote, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner, and choose ‘Pin to Top’.

Turn Off Messaging

If you own a brand page such as LeadBolt and you don’t want users to be able to message you then simply turn the function off! Go to ‘Edit Page’ in the ‘Admin Panel’ at the top of your display, and then choose ‘Update Info’ and ‘Manage Permissions’. From here look for the ‘Message’ option where you can uncheck the box that allows the button to appear on your page.

Target Your Posts to Specific Languages and Locations

If you are operating as an international brand you can now target your posts to specific languages or locations. This is an ideal tool for those wishing to reach out to their fans and supporters across multiple countries, without having to have multiple Facebook accounts. When creating a new post click on the ‘Public’ icon, then select ‘Target by: Location/Language’.

Reposition Your Photos

Reposition any of the photos you’ve posted to ensure they always look their best. Click the pencil icon on the selected post and choose ‘Reposition Photo’ to move the image around the frame.

Create a Poll

Did you know that you can create a poll to ask your fans questions on any subject/topic you desire? This is a great little feature that lets you get interactive and truly engage with your followers. To create a poll, go to the ‘Event Milestone +’ option in the ‘Status’ box in the top left corner of your profile, then create your question which can be open ended or have set answers which people can vote on.

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