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Published on August 16th, 2012 | by John I.

7 Tips to Get Your Twitter Followers to Click Your Links

If you are a fan of Twitter, or you are just new in twitter, you must have noticed people dropping links in their tweets. These links are without any doubt meant to be clicked by their followers. If you tend, to drop links in your tweets there are several ways that can help you to get your links get noticed and even get more clicked.

1. Do not put a link without a title: Always make sure that you tweet out your links with a proper title or a short description. Usually, most of your followers will not click a random link which has no description. The short description or title, usually a catchy one, makes the followers want to click the link and learn more.

2. Do not be a spammer: Whenever you drop a link in your tweet, make sure that it will be valuable to your followers. Links that are considered to be worthless to the people who click them, usually lessen the chances of them clicking your future links. Although you can link your own content, do not make it a regular practice; otherwise, people will stop clicking your links.

3. Tweet when people are around: Timing is one of the key factors for success in Twitter. The timing should be planned in such a way that most of your followers will not have slept, and avoid your tweets getting lost in the shuffle especially in the peak hours. Business hours are definitely the best, since most people are usually online. In addition to that, you should keep on looking at your Twitter feed to seize for any gaps in the conversations.

4. Start a discussion: Twitter allows you to engage in live discussions with your followers. You can take this advantage to drop a link and start a conversation around it. To start the conversation, you can give your opinion, stir up a little excitement and ask your followers to comment or give their suggestions on the content that you have linked.

5. Get more followers: This is one of the best thing that you can do, to have more people clicking your links on Twitter. Generally, the more followers you have, the more chances of people noticing and clicking on your Twitter links.

6. Help your followers out: This means that, for you to successfully have many followers clicking on your links, you also need to help them too. This is achieved by retweeting their posts and also linking their content. It is most likely that, they will in turn remember and take note of this, and click on your links in future. With this, the relationship between you and your followers gets stronger which tends to pay off when they retweet and click on your links.

7. Always look at the trends: In conclusion, you need to know the latest trends if you want to be successful on Twitter. You can use tools that allows you to be up-to-date with the current trends on twitter such as Twist. This does not only enable your links to be relevant, but also helps you to drop your links at the right time.


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