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Published on July 3rd, 2012 | by John I.

Why We Add and Remove Facebook Friends

Today, our relationships in various social networks tend to become equivalent to our real life relationships.

The addition and removal of people from our friends list usually involves some emotional impact.

According to a study of NC Incite, a company owned by Nielsen McKinsey, the number one reason to add a person on Facebook is because we know the person in real life and the most popular reason for deleting someone is an offensive post comment.

Both these comments are pretty much already known to us all.

However, the survey found some more interesting elements such as an average user has 130 friends, that men use it mainly for the expansion of their network for dating and flirting, while women use it to find some creative dressing and to receive positive feedback mostly from comments! This study has a fully visual in the infographic below:

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