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Published on November 16th, 2012 | by John I.


Facebook creates without warning ‘creepy’ Couples page for all users

Facebook has, without warning, created a ‘Couples’ page for people that are in relationships and have them listed on Facebook.
Anyone that has the ‘in a relationship’ or ‘Married’ status on Facebook will find a new special ‘TimeLine’ dedicated to chronicling their love and can be accessed by clicking on the users profile.

Not Many People are happy about this

“Just found out about the completely unasked-for couples timeline that Facebook has created for me. I find it creepy and intrusive, just leave Facebook how it was,”  said a Twitter user.

Other people have described it as very ‘creepy” and also ‘stupid’.

The new page shows a shared Timeline, showing pictures, events, and messages shared by a couple.
‘Friendship” timelines and pages used to be an option that you could turn on and off on the the site, but the social network has turned the function on for all users.

A Facebook engineer announced the changes to the pages last week – but he offered no indication that the pages would be ‘forced’ on all users. Facebook has been making these kinds of changes without warning lately, this is just the latest one.

Earlier this year, Facebook changed it’s messaging system and allowed other people to see when you saw their messages, even if you didn’t reply. And to be honest for someone like me
dating someone with bpd this is quite an inconvenience.
The change was so unpopular that there are browser extensions made solely to turn this function off, since Facebook doesn’t allow you to do it from their site. The new Timeline is also unpopular, but Facebook has made it compulsory anyway.

The reaction to the new ‘Friendship’ and ‘Couples’ pages has also been negative.

Some people around the internet predict that these kind of changes will ultimately cause Facebook to lose it’s popularity. What kind of changes will Facebook introduce in the future and how much change will the users tolerate? It remains to be seen.

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