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Published on March 8th, 2013 | by John I.


Get social with your camera

With the rampant popularity of smartphones that come complete with a camera, the camera industry has had to make some adjustments to their compact camera offerings. Because the cameras embedded in phones are convenient and offer instant sharing via the internet and social media, these devices are becoming more popular with amateur photographers than standard point-and-shoot models. Meanwhile, the camera industry has responded by offering “smart” cameras, which offer new features and greater ability over smartphones. Let’s take a look at these new features and see how they work.

Wireless internet

In the past, you had to connect your camera to the computer via a USB cord and then upload your photos before you could share them. Instead, many cameras are now being made with the ability to connect to the internet so you can share your pictures online the minute you take them. Many of the models in the new canon camera range come equipped with Wi-Fi. It’s even possible to find full-frame DSLRs, such as the new Canon 6D, with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Furthermore, it’s now possible to use your smartphone as a way to share photos from your camera. You can pair your phone and camera, which enables you to send pictures to your phone so you can upload them to your Facebook page. It’s also possible to back up your photos using your phone.

Touch screens

Additionally, many cameras now come with touch screens for greater ease of use. You can use a touch screen to manipulate the settings on your camera instead of using buttons and dials. For many people, this interface based around a touch screen is easier to use and more accessible, particularly for those experienced in using a smartphone or tablet with a touch screen.


Besides being able to share your pictures via the internet, today’s newest cameras also come equipped with GPS-software which will let you geo-tag your pictures as you upload them to Facebook or Twitter. How cool would it be to upload a picture tagged as “Eiffel Tower, Paris?” Well, now you can.

Changeable lenses

In the past, the only cameras that allowed you to change the lens were the pricey, clunky DSLRs. But now, many smart cameras offer a compact size and the ability to change lenses. For example, Samsung NX offers a line of interchangeable lenses with the camera body, which you can attach depending on the effect you want to create. These cameras are also cheaper and more portable than a DSLR, so they are a great option for those wishing to learn more photographic techniques.

Editing software

Finally, some smart cameras are starting to offer on-screen editing software that you can use to touch up your pictures before sharing them. These programs often come with the camera and offer a variety of basic techniques to help you adjust the exposure and color saturation, thereby helping you take the best pictures possible.

These features are making it easier for you to share your work instantly, making photography a more social and accessible hobby. With offerings like Wi-fi and geo-tapping, you can be more connected to the world as you practice with your camera and refine your technique. So get out there and start shooting.

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