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Published on January 17th, 2013 | by John I.


How to Successfully Use Social Media as a Tool in Your Job Search

According to a recent survey in the United States, nearly 90% of all employers either used social media to recruit new staff or were planning to use social media to recruit new staff in future using the techniques used in Hustle Life affiliate. This growing trend is the same for most employers in the United Kingdom as well. The increased use of social media as a viable recruitment platform is due to its unique advantages as opposed to traditional recruitment tools such as recruitment advertisements in newspapers or on notice boards in universities.
This in fact means that social media is fast becoming an increasingly reliable source of information on various job opportunities. However, this does not mean that traditional recruitment mechanisms have completely ceased to be useful.

Here is an example of how social media can help you land a job almost effortlessly

  • Let us assume that you are an unemployed young man/woman who has a Facebook account
  • Let us then assume that your profile indicates the fact that you are currently looking for some form of meaningful employment
  • Your friends will visit your profile, empathize with you and then let you know of various job opportunities they know or will come across
  • Some of your friends may actually introduce you to job recruiters or even offer you employment themselves

Here are some of the actions you might want to take on various social media platforms to increase your chances of securing some form of employment

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform available. It not only introduces you to a pool of professional executives but it also integrates your resume into your LinkedIn profile. This profile is can be viewed by professional recruiters worldwide. The data in your profile may actually be integrated into the recruiter’s applicant tracking system.

It is precisely for this reason that you ought to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is updated on a regular basis. Your profile should reflect a diversity in work experience and competency in job delivery. Any recruiter who visits your profile must be able to immediately determine who you are, what your past achievements are, which specialties you possess and what your future goals are. You should therefore be concise and on point while describing yourself on your LinkedIn profile. You should also join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your field of expertise. For example, graduates in marketing should join groups such as marketing associations on LinkedIn.

Your Bio on Twitter Should Be Recruiter-Friendly

Twitter is a micro blogging social media platform that has a global membership of over 200 million people. This is indeed an important platform not only for you but for recruiters as well. It is here that recruiters will search for viable candidates who have a mindset and a persona that they consider suitable for the job opportunities at hand.
To effectively use Twitter to secure job opportunities you must at first tweet cautiously. You should mostly tweet about matters relating to your area of expertise. Your tweets should not be vulgar or offensive to any audience especially to potential recruiters. Use hash-tags to your advantage. They will help you to catch the attention of recruiters as they follow specific topics on twitter that are relevant to them as professionals and are currently trending.

In addition to hash-tags, link your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account. Ensure that your tweets have a tiny URL that will send potential recruiters straight to your LinkedIn profile. Once on your LinkedIn profile they will be able to determine whether you are a person they would like to work in their organization.

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