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Published on January 30th, 2013 | by John I.


Instagram’s Success and the phenomenon of gaining followers

With over 90 million monthly active users and 40 million photos uploaded every day, Instagram’s success has been little short of spectacular. Naturally, the one billion dollars that Facebook reputedly purchased for the site did little to harm its popularity, turning it into one of the fastest growing social networking sites. The Instagram concept is simple – snap a photo, share it instantly with your followers and hopefully gain a few likes. Make it on to the popular list, for instant social media stardom.

Like all social networking concepts, Instagram relies on interaction and influence. It is no coincidence that these twin ideals are also fundamental to building your brand or creating an identity. Using Instagram without followers is like opening a shop on a deserted island. You may have the best products in the world, but no-one is going to see them. Followers are the life blood of Instagram marketing and at the moment your shiny new Instagram account is looking a little bare. Kick Start Your Instagram Campaign So, what are the main reasons why you should buy Instagram followers? The truth is that most Instagram accounts need a little kick start to get them going. Over time, posting great content to the site will win you natural followers, but in the beginning you are likely to need a little help. Many users rely on perceived popularity when deciding who to follow. If an account has relatively few followers, people are likely to judge it less interesting than one which has many. The account which has 1000 followers will find it easier to get new followers than one that only has 10.

People tend to naturally trust the brands and people that they perceive as popular. This is why celebrities and sports personalities are often asked to endorse products – even those which bear little relation to their field of endeavour. This “ifs endorses it, then it must be good” concept also applies to Instagram and indeed any other social network. Whether we consciously realise it or not, we automatically associate popularity with trust and status. Improve The Rankings Of Your Content Secondly, followers improve the rankings of your content. Although the actual algorithm Instagram uses to rank photos is a closely guarded secret, it is almost certain that it takes the number of likes on an instagram profile into account as well as the number of likes on a picture when deciding which pictures should appear on the coveted popular list. Appearing on the popular list, can massively increase exposure for your brand and increase your followers exponentially.

Exposure therefore is the main reason to buy Instagram followers. The more people see and interact with your content, the more exposure for your profile and brand. As your popularity increases, people will naturally follow you, as will their followers and friends. It has been proven many times over that people are naturally influenced by their friends and peers and will trust the brands trusted by the people closest to them. Lastly, though there is little point in purchasing some of the cheaper fake Instagram followers. Always purchase followers from a good and trustworthy source, which offers genuine accounts with natural activity. Purchasing obviously fake followers will not benefit you in any way and may even harm your profile.

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