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Published on August 3rd, 2012 | by John I.

Simple Ways to Use Facebook to Enhance Your Business

Facebook is a perfect platform to noticeably enhance your business, where you have a possibility to directly contact your customers and interact with them; informing them of the ups and downs of your business. This way you will know how to implement your marketing strategy that grabs many quality customers to your website.

1.Provide your business information: This is the first thing that has to be done when you are initially introducing your business to the people through Facebook (FB). You need to provide complete information regarding the products and services that you can offer. The presentation should be both informative and innovative, pulling many visitors to your site.

2.Target your quality customers: You can research on various profiles available on FB and target those customers who will positively agree to buy your product. This way you have multiple choices to be made as there are millions of people on FB who can be transformed into your future customers, as it the third highest populated place in the world.

3. Emphasise your customer care: To impress your existing customers and invite new customers you need to emphasise your customer care, where the customers are converted into brand ambassadors for your business promotion. It is one of the cheapest ways of advertising that results in viral marketing. This can be achieved through offering them special discounts, rewards and coupons on their next purchases so on, the list increases as people love these kind of offers.

4. Posting regularly: It will be an easy task to keep your customers updated through regular posts; this may be regarding your business updates or latest news that will pull user attraction. For example post the most popular video on your page or the most recent news to be shared by multiple users and target them to your site, directly increasing the traffic to your page.

5.Interact directly with your visitors: Through FB chats you can directly interact with your customers and get to know about their requirements and if there are any improvements that have to be made. You can ask them how they feel about the products and also their experience can be shared through posts on your page.

6. Enhance your presence with likes: Attract many customers and make them like your site; this will be shared virally among many customers on FB. This has to be emphasized that means you can grab the eye of many users and pull them in to study your site and have necessary information. This way you can improve your marketing massively.

7.Keeping your customers engaged: Getting customers to your page is easy but keeping them engaged with your page is a little difficult, however that can be achieved through offering them games to be played on your page and also by giving them data regarding the latest gadgets that have been introduced on market. This helps in gaining their interested on your page and makes them addicted to it.

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Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter

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