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Published on August 28th, 2012 | by John I.

The latest tools to market your business online

Although all businesses benefit from having an online presence, it goes without saying that not all marketing methods are appropriate for every business and the determining factors for the type of marketing methods used are based on the time available, needs, business product, and financial disposition.

Once you do make your marketing decision and know what area you want to target, you will find that certain online tools make the process work more efficiently and faster, ultimately, making the campaign more successful. The following are some of the latest tools that make managing a campaign easier.

CamStudio Open Source screencasts – This tool allows you to make free tutorials and video presentations that add auditory and visual appeal to your existing content, social media marketing or explainer video campaigns. These can be shared with others to increase your exposure to new audiences.

MailChimp – This is an email marketing tool and helps you manage the reader sign up data and send out newsletters. The application offers both free and paid plans which allow you to send up to 12,000 emails per month to a list of 2,000 email recipients.

Facebook plugins – These allow you to install social media options on blogs and websites to promote both your social media campaign and content through several online destinations.

SlideShare presentations – This tool allows you to upload PowerPoint and PDF presentations to allow others to download or print. You may be thinking; “Why is that important to me?” Almost certainly, when you include links to your website in the slide you offer more exposure to your work, websites and marketing campaign. SlideShare also integrates with social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook, giving you even more exposure.

Keyword research tools – There are actually several of these tools, but most marketers believe ‘Wordtracker’and Google’s keyword tool to be the best. These allow you to analyse search terms for your industry and choose those that are less competed for.

Eventbrite – When you need a tool to help manage any event, Eventbrite helps you promote, sell tickets and manage the process through their platform. The application integrates with Facebook, so it allows you to use your social media marketing campaigns too.

URL Shorteners – There are several options, but the best known are, ‘’, ‘TinyURL’ and ‘’. These allow you to shrink excessively long URL addresses, or are just a better way of offering a link especially if you are linking back to your own blog or informational website.

Monitter for Twitter – This tool helps you find real conversations on Twitter that deal with the keywords you are in need of.

SurveyMonkey – Helps you conduct better market research across all your online marketing platforms. It allows you to send free surveys to 100 non biased people, asking up to 10 questions at a time. This helps determine what your targeted audience is looking for.

WordPress – One of the most widely used, WordPress is a blogging platform that allows for self-hosting and setting up free websites. This allows you to create content, offer links, solicit guest blogs and generally offer information of interest to your traffic. It is an extremely flexible application that allows for you to integrate search engine listing marketing with content marketing.

Of course there are many other online marketing tools and finding the right one depends on the marketing project you are working on. Chinese Digital Marketing is the most efficient way to create a perfect digital platform for your costumers. It’s important to remain current with the online trends and choose the most appropriate leased lines for the business to ensure maximum availability.

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