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Published on July 31st, 2012 | by John I.


The Twitter Strategy That is Right for Your Business

After Facebook Twitter can be considered the social network that brings the most traffic to a business. Although websites like Pinterest and LinkedIn perform well in certain niches, in general Twitter outperforms them. When it comes to Twitter marketing there is no one right way. There are many diverse Twitter strategies that you can use to build your business. As a freelance consultant I have applied these strategies with many businesses and listed below are some of the more successful methods.

Using Software to Increase Twitter Followers

Using software to increase Twitter followers is a heavily debated topic and opinions vary significantly. But in some niches this works so well it is stupid not to do it. This works especially well for local businesses and small niche markets. What this software does is find users based on given keywords and automatically follow them for you. Most people checkout their new followers, so your business or products get exposed to a wider audience. Local businesses can take advantage of advanced Twitter followers software which let your target Twitter users by geographic location making it easier to find targeted followers. This advanced software can range from sixty to ninety dollars but totally worth the investment.

If you are using this method it is important not to spam users with direct messages and flood their timeline with constant updates. These people don’t know you yet, but they followed because they are interested in you. Stick to 4-5 updates per day and try to engage with your followers.

Track, Engage and Profit

Q & A sites have always being a great source of traffic and leads for businesses. Yahoo answers is the best site to target Q & A traffic, although sites like Quora are gaining ground each day. Twitter provides the same opportunity with their built in Twitter search. You can setup a twitter search stream using a free Twitter dashboard tool like HootSuite. This way you can get instant notifications when someone asks a question related to your business. Provide a useful answer and there is a very high chance of that user checking out your Twitter profile or business website. If you are a large company that caters to a large audience you can setup multiple search streams as well.

If you are targeting a small niche then this might be not the best way to attract followers and customers. But then again if it’s smaller niche you have far less tracking to do.

Follow and Engage Industry Leaders

Another excellent way to build followers, improve your brand recognition and sales. But to successfully execute this strategy you need to have an excellent product or service that is unique or step above the rest of the competitors. Cinergix, who built the Microsoft Visio alternative Creately, followed this strategy to build some early hype around its product. You have to be very selective when following this strategy. Just following them is not enough. They get many followers per day and you can easily get lost in the crowd. Retweeting one or two tweets probably won’t get their attention. But if you consistently retweet and share their stuff for two weeks they are bound to notice you.

These strategies wont payoff every time, but when it does work the results can be overwhelming.

All the strategies mentioned above have worked for my clients across various industries. But not every one of them is a good fit for every industry. Identify a strategy that best suits your business and execute it with dedication. You are sure to see results.

Nishadha Silva is a tech evangelist that has worked with many small businesses and start-ups. He has more than five years’ experience in digital marketing and manages his own blog network. Check out his digital marketing blog to learn the latest digital marketing strategies.

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